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Dangerous Toxins In Personal Care products

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Toxins in Personal care products and beauty are damaging you and your family’s health and when they go down your drains they are killing the environment. Large corporations in the personal-care industry are interested in the promotion and profit potential of their products, not your health and you pay the price in your poor health

Dr Samuel Epstein , chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, states that mainstream industry cosmetics and personal care products (CPCPs) are the single most important, yet generally unrecognized, class of avoidable carcinogenic exposures for the overwhelming majority of citizens in major industrial nations.

The reason for these unique risks reflects a complex of individual and interactive factors such as:
Interaction between different ingredients: even though a specific ingredient might not be in itself a Carcinogen it might be a Hidden Carcinogen that may, under certain conditions, have carcinogenic properties when it combines with other ingredients in a product.

Prolonged duration of exposure: the concern is that daily exposure, over a lifetime, of toxic ingredients, many of which are left on skin, has a cumulative negative effect.
High permeability of skin: the skin is highly permeable to carcinogenic and other toxic ingredients, especially following prolonged exposure.

Effect of wetting agents on skin permeability: the permeability of skin to carcinogens, besides other toxic ingredients, is further increased by the presence of wetting agents or surfactants, probably the most common class of ingredients in the majority of CPCPs.

Bypassing detoxifying enzyme: carcinogens in CPCPs pose greater cancer risks than doe’s food contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides and other industrial carcinogens as they are not detoxified by the liver but reach the general blood circulation without this protective detoxification.

Check the labels of your current products for the following potentially harmful ingredients. Note the warnings and cautionary statements printed on many of these products.
Alcohol Flavouring Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS)
Fluoride Sodium Fluoride Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS)
Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
Diethanolamine (DEA or TEA) Propylene Glycol Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS)
Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) Benzyl/Benzene
Diethanolamine (DEA) Propylene Glycol SHAVING GELS/CREAMS
Diethanolamine (DEA or TEA) Propylene Glycol Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
Aluminium Butane Propane Propylene Glycol Talc
Diethanolamine (DEA & TEA) Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS)
Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) Bentoic/Benzyl
Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)
Benzoic/Benzyl Diethanolamine (DEA or TEA)

FEMININE Products & Colour Cosmetics
Talc Toluene

September 6, 1997 article in The Boston Globe cited Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s statement that the General Account Office has identified more than 125 cosmetic ingredients suspected of causing cancer? Along with others that may cause birth defects.

Since the nineties there has been one company at the forefront of providing top class, safe and effective personal care & beauty products my family and I have been personally involved with them since 1997. I wholeheartedly recommend them to you all.

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