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Get Those ZZZs - Insomnia Linked to Health Problems

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For many Americans, sleepy time is a destination they just don't visit. That sucks, because few things make life more miserable than a poor night's sleep. Yet, if the findings of a Norwegian study hold any weight, there might be more at risk than feeling dull in the morning.

According to the study, chronic insomnia is linked to anxiety and depression. And, perhaps, might increase risk of heart attacks.

Of course, you've got enough to worry about without thinking what a chronic bout of not sleeping will do to your body. Insomnia is contagious - think about its many implications and you'll simply sleep worse!

That's why there's Alteril, folks. Your natural, non-prescription ticket to a date with the Sandman and an insurance policy to put your mind at ease when he's hard to find.
What's The Deal With Insomnia Anyway?

Insomnia is a generic term for problems related to sleep, including trouble falling asleep, waking in the middle of the night or simply not feeling refreshed in the morning. The latter point refers to reduced quality of sleep, in which the deeper levels of sleep are not reached.

In a recent poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, roughly 63% of respondents claimed they didn't get enough sleep. The problem peaks during the work week, when 43% of those surveyed claimed they didn't sleep well.

As the Norwegian study suggests, there's more at stake with insomnia that feeling groggy in the morning. That's bad enough. But if we're to believe what researchers found, there are health implications to insomnia that can't be ignored.
Insomnia and Risk of Heart Attack

The study, conducted between 1995 and 1997, consisted of more than 50,000 Norwegian adults. In the following 11 years, 2,386 of the study participants had first-time heart attacks.

Specifically, those who had trouble falling asleep were 45% more likely to have a heart attack. Respondents who had trouble staying asleep increased their risk by 30%. And waking up groggy was linked to a 27% elevated risk of heart attack.
And All This Means...?


Of course, it's silly to tell someone with insomnia to sleep more. Anyone with sleeping problems will tell you, if they could sleep more, of course they would!

And the link between insomnia and heart attacks won't help insomniacs sleep better. Tell someone who can't sleep that they'll have a heart attack if they don't, and - duh - they'll sleep worse.

So what can you do?

First of all, focus on your sleep hygiene. Maintain a routine, of a consistent bed time and when you rise. If insomnia's really an issue, continue this schedule on weekends.

Before bed, have a cool-down process. Don't deal with finances or any potentially stressful issues within two hours of bed time. Reading is fine, and so is TV, if you keep it light. Avoid horror movies, action movies and anything that revs your motor.

And it goes without saying, don't consume caffeine, preferably within four hours of bed. That includes coffee (and decaf if your insomnia is persistent), tea, chocolate and energy drinks. You might also skip red wine and alcohol. Avoid large meals before bed, especially red meats and proteins; light snacks are fine.
Your Back-Up Plan

Insomnia is a persistent beast. Sometimes, even with a good sleep hygiene, it can be hard to sleep. For those nights, you need a back-up plan. May we suggest Alteril?

Unlike sleeping pills, which are habit-forming, Alteril is a natural sleep aid, consisting of some of the best-known herbal sleep aids out there, including melatonin, valerian root, chamomile and lemon balm. And, notably, tryptophan and theanine.

Alteril induces deep, long-lasting, refreshing sleep. On those nights when the Sandman seems occupied, it's an insurance policy, to put your mind at ease just knowing it's there. And that's the kind of reassurance that can hasten your date with dreamland.

Sleep well!

For more about insomnia and the studies mentioned in this article, please visit - risk

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