posted on: 4/24/2012 1:09:14 AM EST
Finding the right social network.
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Speaking from experience all social networks are not the same and some don't even measure up or past the test of time. Oh yes it is true! With so many social network sites out on the market today I find the one I am talking about here as a keeper. Why? Because it provides a global audience for your online offers. Plus it attracts attention and holds your crowd in attendance captive to what you present them. Not everything you present them will get world wide recognition it deserves and get all your products and services sold. It has to be very tempting and attractive in order to make a sales connection with this type of audience. Supply side economics has to meet and greet with demand side economics.
Let the audience of my social networking site be the driving force of the demand side of economics of your website. The appeal of your fine online offer will serve as the supply side of economic activity of your site with that same crowd. Get to know them better so you can serve them well enough to buy what you present them with. Combine salesmanship with showmanship. Showcase your opportunity with your adoring crowd. That crowd is the hidden gem known as the advertising section of my site. It is where over 1 million of your audience members will actually read your profile. You can actually see them reading it and you get to contact them too. The power to attract their attention to your websites is truly now in your hands

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