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Establishing an “MLM USER PROFILE” is the first step to a DYNAMIC MLM FANS NICHE (mentor mentee relationship -Mentor Dynamics). A user profile is collection of personal data associated with a specific user and business. It is an introduction to you and your brand. A user profile can also be used to store the description of your characteristics.

When you first signed up to join IBOTOOLBOX, you get 100 credits for completing your profile. These 100 credits can be converted to 500 ads. That is 500 ads, a gift to you just to sign up. For any new business we all need a business name and we need to have contact information. This is how we communicate 5 w’s - who, what, where, why, when, and how for our business to our prospects.

Who are you?

Every serious prospect wants to get the business card. They want to know your name, your business name and see an image of you.

What is your business?

Your business name and the profile of the business will also be of interest to any prospect.

Where are you located?

Every serious prospect would like to know where you are located. How many times did you have a new prospect call you up and a geographic location was the first topic of discussion. It’s a great conversation piece and often leads to more open sharing between prospect and business leader. Your business geographic location is usually appropriate.


In your brief personal statement the prospect should be able to get a summary of your business objective. Review the statement and it should convince you to sign up as a prospect with this business leader. Are you the business leader you want to work for?


A serious prospect will want to know when you will be available to meet or setup an appointment with you. Be prepared to follow up. Be available.


Prospects need an immediate means of communication, live online chat address, a telephone number equipped with a voicemail, email and or SMS service. In this age of media, the more the merrier.

Writing blogs or articles and posting videos are useful means of answering the “how” for your prospects.

Being a good pointer is good. Pointing your prospects to you blogs or videos is great.
But taking the time to add answers to anticipated questions likely posed by your prospects must be available. Does the content of your blogs feed your niche?

As you work towards establishing your brand and your niche review your profile and evaluate how well you’re staying the course. Your mentor is a trusted source in helping your sustain the characteristics you display in your user profile

Vonda Futral is an IM mentor providing free training and resources for your business needs.

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Vonda Futral   773 day(s) ago
Topping it off with a tweet. Thanks Don
Don McCarter   774 day(s) ago
Wonderful information, thank you so much for sharing the training. Tweeted for you too!
Vonda Futral   791 day(s) ago
Ally and Cee Cee,Thank you for adding to the benefits of the user profile. this type of engagement is what I love of this platform. I can always learn from your sharing here.
Cee Cee Caldwell-Miller   791 day(s) ago
Great job, we must answer questions properly and succinctly.
Ally Stewart   791 day(s) ago
And at the same time you have highlighted the reasons why it is essential to have a good profile.
Ally Stewart   791 day(s) ago
Absolutely fantastic. I agree 100% with what you say here. Our prospects need to have answers to their questions about our business, What we do, who we are, where we are located and how we can be contacted etc. You have answered them all.
Vonda Futral   791 day(s) ago
Tammy and Eric thanks for taking the time to share and reinforcing the need for these reminders.
Tammy Cook   791 day(s) ago
Thank you for the information and the reminder of what we need to do . Nice post.
Eric Patterson   791 day(s) ago
Very nice and great content! Thanks for posting this Vonda!
Vonda Futral   792 day(s) ago
Thanks Ann for pointing out a good reminder that we don't have to know it all.
Ann Moses   797 day(s) ago
Hi Vonda, I like what you said about being a good pointer. My thing is that you don't have to know it all , all you need to do is to point someone in the right direction. And what ever you don't know you can hook a person up with some one who does know.
Vonda Futral   797 day(s) ago
IBOs platform is easy and powerful. Who would've ever thought that a profile could be used to drive so much traffic to this site, Thanks Dennis
Dennis Thorgesen   797 day(s) ago
The important questions and great answers are here. It was much simpler to fill out our profile here than many of the other places which require them. The social page and profile are the best ways to get the word out about who we are and what we do.
Vonda Futral   798 day(s) ago
When we share our thoughts it's always a pleasure to have a sounding board. Thanks Berdel and Patrick.
BERDEL WARRIOR   798 day(s) ago
Vonda thank you for sharing on how to complete your MLM profile using the IBOtoolbox.
Patrick Saint-Jean   798 day(s) ago
Geographic location is usually a topic of conversation. Good Blog.
Vonda Futral   798 day(s) ago
Carolyn thanks for liking and sharing.
Vonda Futral   798 day(s) ago
Ed thanks for your feedback. I meet IM newbies that sign up and then vacate IBO because they don't always have this basic info.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady     798 day(s) ago
Vonda, excellent blog. Thanks for sharing today. I liked and shared for you also.
ed Diop   798 day(s) ago
Great unselfish pointers for a positive start to networking online! Thanks for sharing and continued success Vonda!
Vonda Futral   798 day(s) ago
Taking the time to share is the true spirit of the IBO family.
Diane Furst Costello   798 day(s) ago
Great info! Thanks!

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