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Filling up on Bounce Back – MLM Mentor Dynamics
MLM mentor dynamics, Bounce Back from failed MLM,

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How many times have you BOUNCED BACK from some failed venture (or failed MLM)?
How do you overcome your beliefs in MLM or network marketing. Personally over the last two dozen plus years, I have had to bounce back more than two (2) dozen times.

I believe that MLM is truly a personal relationship business. My bounce back gas tank was empty by the time I learned that this was not a numbers game, not a game at all.

Life is a relationship business? I am still recovering from yet another failed relationship. As I pass through the stages of recovery I see similarities in recovering from failed personal relationships and Network Marketing. (the power of MLM mentor dynamics).

Bounce back factor? What is it? Bounce back refers to your ability to recover sufficiently to put yourself back in motion (back in play). Thanks to Sarah Thompson.

One of my well respected mentors in the MLM business is Sarah Thompson. Sarah wrote and discussed this thing called bounce back factor and I wanted to share it. Lets face it, the wisdom of some great mentors and MLM success builders must be shared among all who dare to become a great MLM leader/business owner. Trust me you will want to share your secrets (not BLUE BIG MLM LIES) when you are living your dream.

Sarah was at zero after seven consecutive years of attempting to build a Network Marketing business. She was ready to quit after seven years of a costly education in the internet marketing business. The cost of her educational process had exceeded six figures and she never earned a penny. She had no intention to make an eighth attempt. Then, she found a book, Success in 10 Steps.

The little book seemed to be showing up wherever she was looking but her fears prevented her from reading it. She eventually gave in and read the darn book.

What did she find?

She found a mentor. Not only could her mentor spell MLM,- her mentor could teach her to teach others to spell MLM and wallah Duplication, the first time in seven (7) years.

Sarah figured she could bounce back to heights she had never dreamed possible. She jumped in with both feet – Nah she did not dive in head first "Being all in".

I bet your bounce back factor is stronger than you think possible. Download and read Success in 10 Steps and meet a team of mentors that not only know how to spell MLM, they can teach you how to teach others.

All that is required is that You have a tiny spark of hope left (if you are reading this, You do even if does not feel like it) Get your free copy NOW

Honoring the work and mentorship of Sarah Thompson who recently passed on.

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Vonda Futral   1459 day(s) ago
Hey Michael. Thanks for checking out this blog and sharing. Blessings.
Michael Summers   1459 day(s) ago
Nice blog Voda, thanks for sharing that.

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