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7/15/2015  Cyndies Quality Merchandise Receives 2015 Best of Terre Haute Awa
7/13/2015  Fun in the Sun
3/28/2014  Imagination & The Walk To Realizing Your Dreams
2/13/2014  Joining An Organized Team Makes a Difference: Advancing With Us
2/8/2014  Finally, U.S. Doctors & Researchers Agree with Advancing With Us!
1/14/2014  Business Sense & Building Up Team Members for a Sustainable Succe
1/8/2014  Business Sense & Building Up Team Members for a Sustainable Succe
1/6/2014  When I Join Your Team, What Kind of Products am I Supporting? Adv
1/4/2014  Components to Success and Advacing With Us.
12/26/2013  Shopping & Business Opportunities from CYNDIES Quality Merchandis
12/23/2013  Designating a Workplace in the Most Unusual Places for Self-expre
12/22/2013  Finding Hope & Being Thankful This Christmas & Throughout The Upc
12/21/2013  Re-claiming Control of Your Financial Future in Today's America
12/20/2013  Are you living the life you envisioned for yourself and your fami
12/19/2013  Any Opportunity Should Come With Training, Support, and Teamwork:
12/12/2013  Redirection in Life Often Leads to Greater Success & Joy When We
12/11/2013  Identifying Where You Can Find Success With A Team With The Same
12/10/2013  Royal Splendor Pet Bed by CYNDIE'S Quality Merchandise (www.shopc
12/9/2013  Savings Last This Holiday Season at CYNDIE'S Quality Merchandise
12/7/2013  A Second Cyber Monday at CYNDIE'S Quality Merchandise (www.shopcy
12/6/2013  Great Lamps & Lighting Ideas for the Home at CYNDIE'S Quality Mer
12/5/2013  Eco-nomy Deluxe Spa Set at CYNDIE'S Quality Merchandise (
12/4/2013  The Ultimate Dragon Chess Set by CYNDIE'S Quality Merchandise (ww
12/3/2013  Cyndie's Quality Jewelry Merchandise (
12/2/2013  Customer Testimonials of CYNDIES Quality Merchandise (www.shopcyn
12/1/2013  Advance With My Team-oriented Opportunity Toward Wellness & Finan
12/1/2013  Buy 1 Get 1 Half-off at Cyndie's Quality Merchandise!
5/3/2013  A little about us-
5/3/2013  Online Fundraisers
4/3/2013  Show Stopper
4/1/2013  Benefits of Registering at Cyndies Quality Merchandise -1
11/5/2012  Snowbuddies
9/19/2012  Bonsai Fountain Accent Table
7/11/2012  Introducing our new Rewards Program!
6/6/2012  Drop-Ship Service
5/21/2012  Convertable Garden Table
5/17/2012  IBO Promotion
5/17/2012  Two-person Hammock
4/14/2012  Website Open-Gift Card Drawing
4/6/2012  Party Tray