posted on: 10/26/2011 8:08:06 PM EST
Instiution of LIfe vs Divine Birth right
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The institution of life is the stereo type that all people are born into. Each person is raised to believe that this the way that life should be. You know what I am talking about. The institution of life is the idea that there is a CEO at the top of the food chain and then it is followed by the president, vice president, middle man, and then finally the hardworking employees. If you were to graph this it would look like this. ^
Vice President
Middle Working Man
Hard working Employees

Do you see the pyramid we are born into? I believe pyramids are illegal so why has this never been stopped? People have believed this to be legal for many years. If you look at the format of the CEO to the the hard working employees what do you have? A PYRAMID!!!!

Now for the Divine birth right that we all should be living. There is only one way to make money and that is by your own own intervention and hard work. The person making the money is you and only you. This is an infinite way to make money. In order to eliminate the pyramid scheme people need to have the desire to make money and do this themselves. It happens to be your divine birth right to make money without having the pyramid scheme above. So when someone tells you that what you do is not right have them write out the above to see where the true pyramid scheme lies.

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