posted on: 4/4/2012 8:25:27 PM EST
Stop your barking
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BE QUIET! You don't need to bark every time someone comes to the door! Come on, get back.
Hi John, how are you doing?
Hi Dan, not bad at all. Have you got a few minutes to talk?
John came in and I didn't even have to ask, we just went to the kitchen and put the water on for coffee. I didn't say anything at first but John looked a lot better than he did last time he came over. It seems that his stress level has come way down. He was actually smiling and telling me what a good week he was having. We made our coffee and then went down stairs to my office to talk.
Dan, I am glad you are home tonight, I have been feeling so much better since we talked last and in the past week I have used that entire box of coffee that you gave to me. It tastes so good that I stopped getting coffee every day at Starbucks and I have had 3 cups a day of this stuff. I've noticed some unusual things happening and I just want to ask a bit more about this ganoderma that is in this stuff. The very first night I was a bit worried that having a coffee in the evening would keep me awake when I went to bed but actually I fell right to sleep. The next day was Saturday so I had one of these coffee packets in the morning and I just seemed to be more energetic. My wife said I was like the energizer bunny because I made her breakfast and then I washed the car, and cut the grass and did some clean up in the garage. I just kept going and going and then I noticed at 5:00 that I only had one coffee that day. That's weird because if I don't have at least 4 a day then I usually get a massive headache. obviously I am addicted.
Well John, that's pretty common with this coffee, it's really the ganoderma that's in the coffee that gives you the extra boost and you don't crash 3 hours later. I used to average about a headache per week for many many years but since I started using the Gano coffee I have now gone 5 years with only 4 headaches. It's been a really dramatic change for me.
Ya Dan, I've always had headache problems too and that is why I always tried to cut down on how much coffee I drink. With this Gano stuff I kind of feel better and better if I actually drink more. Is that good?
I've been using it now for 5 years John and I have never felt better in my entire life. The energy boost and the no headaches was just the first things that I noticed. Over the next few weeks more and more things were becoming evident. I had no intention of telling anyone else about it until I gave this stuff a good long test myself.
John and I talked for a bit longer but I found out his main goal for stopping by was to get another box of coffee from me because he was running out. I told him I pay wholesale but I was going to charge him a bit extra to cover shipping and taxes. It didn't seem to make any difference to him, he was just glad I had some extra. I explained that next week we need to get him set up so he can get it wholesale too. I am not in the business to stock and resell coffee but I usually have extra at home.
As we walked to the front door the dog was jumping around to go outside. It was dark out now so I clipped his little flashlight on his collar and let him out the front door. We had a good laugh about that and I told John that I can always see him in the dark because he is a black dog.
Thanks Dan, I'll call you in a couple days so I can get an order in for more coffee. I told my wife about it and she wants to try some of the other products like the tea and Mocha.
Ok John, see you later.
Come on Winston, back in the house.

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