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I don't know how long a blog is supposed to be so I'm not sure this will fit the criteria but here goes. You see, it's funny thing how life and learning work. I am fairly new to internet marketing. Heck, I'm new to the internet on the whole. I signed up for this thing called IBOtoolbox some time ago but didn't have enough overall understanding of what I was supposed to do to make a living online to really get the significance of what this amazing tool does. The creator of IBO, Paul Williams, is my hero. He truly puts his money where his mouth is.

After I first signed up I didn't do anything with it for 6 to 8 months. During that time I studied and got a much better grasp on what this is all about. Some people like to say that the money is in the list and that does hold some truth but I am now a firm believer that the key to it all really lies in the ability to promote yourself or product. With a list, you keep on bombarding those on your list with your promotions and, certainly, a portion of these people will become customers but don't you think it would be more efficient and profitable to build your list from people that have found you through a search engine. They are looking for what you have or they likely wouldn't have found you that way.

Well, that's about it for this one. One of the reasons that I decided to write a blog on IBO is because I'm not in the position to record a video testimonial for IBO so I hope that this is the next best thing.

IBOtoolbox is all that it is cracked to be.

Go IBO!!!

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Ally Brodeur   1370 day(s) ago
Great blog, Sam!! Kudos to you -you did a great job. Liked and tweeted!! :)
Rose Orendac-Stolarz   1370 day(s) ago
Great blog Sam!
Anne Long   1370 day(s) ago
Marketing is always crucial to one's success and IBOtoolbox is the best platform ever for showcasing one's products and services... and it's free! Thanks for sharing. Go IBO!
Patricia Juhrend   1370 day(s) ago
I was the same way...didn't do anything for months! Glad we decided to take action!
Larry Christenson   1370 day(s) ago
Hey Sam, Good Blog... I agree with your concept but as a friendly reminder, don't ignore the list. the money really is in the list.

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