posted on: 3/2/2012 2:31:24 AM EST
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This is getting kind of strange. I just got back in the swing of things when it comes to promoting my online businesses. My first year was a complete learning experience and I made a little money but the IBO learning experience is quite exciting. I usually write my blogs fairly spontaneously and the last 2 blogs have been about IBO. Well, what can I say, it's on my mind. All I know is that we should really listen to Paul Williams. He definitely knows what he's talking about and here's an example.

If you've ever been on a Wed. or Sat. IBO call with Paul, you know how he likes to show us how his platform works in real time, and it does work. I have had success getting what I'm pushing on the first page of Google in record time. But here's what's really got me writing this blog.

You know how Paul says that making full use of the platform means doing a few things as the Analyzer will show you and one of those things is to associate, not sell, with the 'Big Dogs'. Well, using the platform I sent out one of my 'Invite Links' through the blogger along with some fairly well written content and I actually pulled in a 'Big Dog'. He makes in excess of 100k a year online and is now, what may turn out to be, the best mentor I've run into so far. He called me. Gotta love that CRM. We spoke for over an hour and I'm now more confident that ever that I'm going to succeed with this online endeavor, and succeed big time. Thanks again Paul and GO IBO!!!

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Michael Buccilli   1435 day(s) ago
Hello Samuel, I always love reading true inspirational stories. I will share this for you as it helps us all. I have been promoting my ventures for several years now but I sincerely have to say that within the first week of using IBO Toolbox I received a larger percentage of referrals and contacts - I have also made some true good friends and that is important to me. I look forward to getting to know you and your business endeavors.
Vonda Futral   1435 day(s) ago
Excellent Sam. These inspirational stories must be shared so I dud. Enjoy success. Go IBO.
Robert Coaster   1435 day(s) ago
Hi Samuel congrats on your success using Ibotoolbox it is great. Will tweet this blog for you.

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