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Rare Opportunity Join America’s #1 Home Based Business for $1.00.
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Millions of Americans are still unemployed or under employed and need help to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and pay their bills.

Our company is stepping up to the plate by offering a truly unique opportunity to join our company for only $1.00 till January 31st 2012, and be a part of a team that will help them build a solid growing residual income they can count on.

We have been an industry leader since 1985. In 2011 our revenues exceeded 1 billion dollars. We are rock solid – a company you can depend on year after year.

What we do is manufacture over 350 of the highest quality non-toxic products for the home and your health. Our facilities are right here in the USA, employing thousands of American workers.

Our business model is unique in the home based business industry – we are not an MLM. We are more like a Costco or Netfilx.

Our customers order our non-toxic products direct from our company for 30 to 40% less than the grocery store products you buy now – so you don’t’ use any new money because these are the consumer product you use in your home everyday – like tooth paste – deodorant – laundry and dishwashing soap – home cleaners and many many more.

An all you have to do to make money is introduce people to our great products. As your customers order products – you make commissions. And our customers have a 95% reorder rate month after month – year after year.

And we have a team of professionals – people who have been with our company for many many years that will help you every step of the way.

The $1.00 special offer ends January 31st 2012 so don’t wait – you could be earning a 5 figure monthly income in less than 6 months. Go here for more information.

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