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Moms Advancing With Us – Part 1 – More Time.
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One of the biggest complaints I hear from moms is they just don’t have enough time in a day to do all that they need to do.

Today most moms find themselves working out of the home to help support their families.

They drop off the children at day care and off they go to an 8 hour JOB (just over broke) that they hate because it is taking time away from them spending valuable time with their children.

Moms often time miss out on the “first step”, the “first word” and more.

As the children grow they miss out on “the first school play”, the “science project”, their “first hit at a ball game” and the list goes on.

Moms come home so exhausted from their JOB they can’t give quality time to help with home work – studying for tests – writing an important paper and so on.

And part time JOBs out of the home just barely cover the cost of day care. Arrrrrrrrrgh!!!!

The solution is very simple – a part time business moms can work from home and still build a strong residual income that can rival the full time incomes of most JOBs.

Moms Advancing With Us provides that solution with a solid business, great products, a comp plan that is not MLM, and incredible personal support. See what we are all about

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MIKE DIALS   1441 day(s) ago
Stay at home Moms don't get enough credit. Moms are busy period! Great blog on all that Moms do David. Back to the top of the dashboard with this one! ;D
Richard Millner   1442 day(s) ago
Interesting information. Mom's are busy.
Sigurd Skeie   1442 day(s) ago
Some interesting words in a good article there David. And it is a great idea to get more "moms" do some work from home business, I know that would be a great idea. As Women really are good at business, I seen a lot just on IBO. And they do it with great passion. Sig
Robert Coaster   1442 day(s) ago
Hi David good to see you back with your health & wealth company. Shared @ twitter
Irene Blackett   1442 day(s) ago
Wow, I remember those days David - made me tired just reading it. How great it is today that young Mom's have an alternative to being 'supermom' by working at home!

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