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We settled in on the couch. He had on a bathrobe and I had on a long, silky caftan in shades blue and green. I plumped the pillows at the end by the light and he reclined against them. I settled in with my head between his legs, using his thigh as a pillow. 

He began reading to me slowly, with his sexy voice. I started worshipping his cock. I held it gently in my hand and kissed it slowly and softly all over. Then kissed his balls, and lifted his one leg over the back of the couch to kiss back towards his ass. Such a beautiful sight! Watching his cock grow harder and harder until it was glistening at the tip.

I looked up at Alex reading to me. The pace of his words had slowed and the words were interspersed with soft moans. I felt so comfortable, so sexy. I put my fingertips on his thighs and began seeking out his warm flesh. I worked my fingers up over his tummy, down his thighs and back up his thighs towards his cock. His cock was now twitching.

I buried my face right into his crotch, pressing his balls and shaft against my skin. I loved his aroma. I loved the fact that I was giving him so much pleasure. My fingers traced all of his hard and soft spots. 

I stuck out my tongue to lick the head of his cock. Gently, very gently, I began licking. I worked my tongue slowly over the frenulum, and then around and around the edges of his cock head, sucking it gently with my lips. Quick, soft little nips to that sensitive area. 

His breathing became heavy. It was getting hard for him to read. I kissed the head of his cock again while my fingers worked over the shaft of his cock and balls.

I knew that he didn't like to cum too quickly. I moved my hands to his ass cheeks, massaging them gently as I moved my fingers slowly closer to his tight little hole.

I could feel my own juices running down my legs and making my caftan all wet. I had gotten out my egg vibrator earlier and pushed it deep inside of me but I hadn't turned it on. I handed Alex the control and let him turn it on. He teased me by turning it on softly, then off. Again and again until I looked up at him with pleading eyes, begging for more. 

I moved my hands back to his cock, pressing the shaft to my lips, kissing it and telling him how much I loved it. He was starting to drip now. I lapped up his sweet hot pre-cum.

My fingers began probing his ass. All slicked up with coconut oil. First one, then two, massaging firmly inside, curling my fingers up and seeking out his prostate and watching the happy look on his face. Listening to his moans and feeling my pussy grow wetter and wetter as the egg buzzed inside of me.

His cock was really dripping now. I put my lips over the head, nursing it slowly and lovingly. My fingers on one hand, still in his ass. My fingers on the other hand were pulling gently on his balls and massaging them. They felt so heavy and full! He let out a moan and turned up the power on my vibrating egg, causing me to moan. He reached down to stroke my hair. I continued to nurse him.

I loved looking at his cock and balls as I attended to them. I loved watching his cock grow stiffer and stiffer. I loved to watch it twitch and drip with pleasure. I loved to watch the color deepen. I loved how it made me feel so good! I let out a squeal. I couldn't help myself!

I could tell that he needed to cum, so I slowly stopped nursing him. I kept my fingers curled into his ass, pressing, and then stretching them apart a bit. I knew that he didn't want to cum just yet. He wanted his balls to be aching and bursting to cum. 

I turned my attention to his balls again, licking and gently sucking them. He cried out and cranked my vibrating egg up to full speed. That caused me to cum. I think I pressed my fingers against his prostate a little too firmly. I couldn't help myself. I tend to lose control when I cum. We both squirmed.

I paused to catch my breath, and then moved my hand back to his cock. It was really dripping now. I realized that he had stopped reading some time ago.

"You're supposed to be reading my story!" I grinned up at him.

He let out a groan and began reading from the beginning again. But he was obviously distracted and not doing a very good job of it. My fingers moved in a spider-like fashion, crawling all over and around the head of his cock and down the shaft, coaxing out more pre-cum. He appeared to shiver. I took my tongue from his balls and set about cleaning up the now gushing stream of sticky whiteness that just kept drooling.

His breathing deepened. I kept my fingers in his ass, not moving them and began kissing his chest and back down to his tummy. I felt it tighten beneath my lips.

"Oh your balls are so heavy! They must be aching!" 

He squirmed again.

"Do you know how much I love sucking you? I could do this all day!" 

Without warning, I plunged my mouth all the way down over his cock, taking it down my throat. I felt my throat open up and relax to take him. This made me cum again. But I could sense that he was getting a little too much stimulation. I breathed through my nose, although heavily and tried to hold my head as still as I could. His cock was trapped in my throat now. My fingers in his ass, but I held as still as I could.

He stopped trying to read. His eyes blinked rapidly, then clenched them shut and sprang wide open. He squirmed slightly, trying to force some kind of stimulation. I kept my fingers still but pressing firmly while I worked my mouth back up his shaft.

I decided to go for a change of technique. I cupped his balls in my hand. They felt so full and heavy. I slightly pressed them up against his body, and then let them fall. I repeated this a few times with no stimulation to his cock whatever. He began fucking the air with his cock. I love to see a man do this! It shows me just how badly he needs to cum. The pre-cum was really leaking, I set about lapping it all up with my tongue but it was leaking out as quickly as I could lick it.

"Do you need to cum now baby?"

He could barely speak. He just nodded his head "Yes".

I worked my fingers around a little more in his ass, probing and massaging until I felt his prostate begin to swell. Then I gripped his cock firmly and began jacking him off hard and fast. Thick, ropes of creamy white burst forth, splashing my tongue and face. I couldn't swallow it fast enough.

When I felt the swelling of his prostate begin to retreat I slowly removed my fingers. He cried out. I clamped my lips back over the head of his cock, nursing him again. Sucking gently and swallowing all he had to give me. I kept sucking and licking until my tongue grew tired. He kept moaning and letting me do it.

Then I kissed my way up to his mouth, kissing him deeply and giving him a taste of his sweetness. He held me tightly. I giggled and yanked the egg out of my pussy. At this point it was nothing more than a distraction. It was still on and now buzzing away on the floor.

I kissed his neck. "I'm not done worshiping your cock!"

I kissed my way back down again, feeling somewhat renewed and began nursing at the extremely sensitive head. He whimpered a bit and squirmed but he let me continue until I'd had my fill. 

He did have me turn around so he could put his lips and tongue on my pussy but that just caused me to cum in rapid fire succession and I couldn't quite give his cock the attention I felt it deserved.

We stayed there together for a time, wrapped in each other's arms. He muttered something about the egg. It was trying to work its way under the couch. I caught the end of it just before it disappeared. Yanked it and turned it off.

"I'm not done with you!" he said.

He instructed me to get on my hands and knees. I complied. He began to lift the hem of my caftan. I felt the silky fabric slither up my thighs, soft and soaked with my pussy juice. I shivered as my bottom was exposed to the night air.

He parted my cheeks and began working me over with his tongue. Licking and lapping and forcing it deep inside of me. I began cumming like mad! 

I could feel his cock drooling again, all over my bottom and thighs. My pussy clenched. I needed to feel it inside of me.

I turned around and pushed him back down against the pillows with no warning. I was on him now like an animal, holding him close and riding his cock up and down. 

The orgasms were coming fast and furious now. Each time I felt his cock thrust up inside of me, I came again. I was panting for breath and close to exhaustion. I told him that I needed to take a break. He pushed me off gently then told me to get on my hands and knees again.

I felt his cock drooling hotly over my ass again. Felt him parting my cheeks. Felt the head of it pressing against my tight little opening. 

I took a deep breath and pushed back against him. It slid in easily. I kept pushing back until he was in me fully. I wanted this so much! I think he had so much pre-cum that we didn't need any lube at all.

His thrusts were deep and hard and once again I began cumming like mad. I began moaning and screaming until I felt that wonderful hot cum filling my ass.

He kept his cock in me and I felt it slowly begin to soften. I tightened my pussy again and again, knowing that it would make my ass tighten too. He moaned as I did so. 

We were finally too exhausted to maintain that position. His now soft cock began slowly to descend until I felt it resting against my thigh. 

We both snuggled down on the couch and said, "Fuck!" at exactly the same time. I giggled. He smiled.

I yanked a blanket down from the back of the couch, and threw it carelessly over us as we melted into each other and climbed the clouds to a
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