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  info current as of: 2/10/2016
Dawn Hay 
I just posted a new IBO AUTHENTIC Press Release titled "Some IBO OLDies On Board- They Were the Days ". Please take a look and leave a comment... View Press Release
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Dawn Hay  
Hey John you not an oldie are you sweetie ?? Thank you and glad to have you on board x
posted: 62 day(s) ago

Dawn Hay 
My Goals are $200 in 3 days (done) $800 in 9 days (will be easy) $4000 in 14 days (will be) 32000 in 27 days (will be but might take a few hours longer lol) pm me for info
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Dawn Hay  
Thank you TOM have a great IBO Day
posted: 62 day(s) ago

Dawn Hay 
If You Gave Me 100 Bucks and You Got Back 200 How would you feel ? Message me !
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Dawn Hay 
My Boys best Christmas present ever WATCH THE VIDEO ))  click here (took 3 days to arrive & im in the UK)
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Dawn Hay 
Want People Visiting Your Websites ? I have started a new group (never been done before ) on Linkedin.  click here
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  info current as of: 2/10/2016
  info current as of: 2/10/2016

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