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Education, Exposure, Leads, and Conversion
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Education, Exposure, Leads, and Conversion

What are the keys to success for a network marketer, or success in any business for that matter?


The options available for marketing both online and offline seem endless. One product will help you with this and another with that, and this tool will help you find that and this other one something else. If you are involved with a company or system they may have training available to help you on this path. But what happens if your sponsor moves on or is located in another time zone. or speaks a different language? With the world of Internet marketing or work from home opportunities all of these factors are are do happen on a regular basis. Sometimes you need to be the leader in your team and educate yourself with the tools that you need to be successful. Look to people who are having the success you want. They are more than happy to offer advice or point you in the right direction but you will still need to be proactive and be constantly educating yourself.

I have found that I get advice from someone and it seems the right path but when you try to put it in place it does not work for you or you did not take enough notes the first time around and miss some vital step in the process. Don’t dismiss anything until you have tried it, but also make sure you give it a good go not just take the attitude ‘it will not work for me’. This next piece of advice may just be the piece of the puzzle you need to make it work.

Don’t stop the education process.


There is a great misconception with being on the Internet that people will just automatically find you and connect with you. I really wish this was true but like all businesses, both online and offline, you need to build a relationship with a person at the other end of a phone call or e-mail.

Firstly you still need to advertise your services in one way or another. The use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc are great but there is a lot of noise to get through before your message is heard. Blogging is a great way to get your message out if you can target the right keywords people are seeking. There are a range of tools, both free and to purchase that can help you do your keyword research.

With any of these mediums you still need to build up a rapport with the visitor to your advertisement / web site. Get their interest, not by trying to sell them something, but by offering them something of value, something they need, some assistance or advice. Once you have built that rapport, people are more likely to have some trust in you and will be more willing to look at your product, service or opportunity.

So you have the e-mail address, phone number, etc from someone who made it through the noise on the Internet. Great, so what do you do with that now?

Most studies have shown that people rarely buy on the first exposure to a product or service, they will search around, short-list, procrastinate, a little or a lot, revisit the list again and then, just maybe, make a decision to purchase. Hopefully this is from you.

So you need to keep your leads interested by keeping in their mind. The use of regular auto-responders is a great way to keep in front of your leads. Another way is to have a regular newsletter that goes out to your leads with interesting information, not sales, but useful value added information. Both of these methods should still have a call to action to people to purchase your products or services, otherwise it will just be another e-mail coming into the inbox of your leads.

Be consistent with your marketing. If you are sending out a weekly newsletter, be consistent and send it out each week on the same day. This way people will get to know your pattern and if the information is of value they will look forward to receiving it.


Many people just expect people to take the appropriate steps when they are ready to buy. In fact more people need a little encouragement and need to be lead in the direction that benefits you. I see many blog posts that have great information in it but do not direct the reader to do anything with the information. At the end of the day you are running you own business and the only way to make an income is for people to buy your service or product.

Be direct in a subtle way. For example have a P.S. statement at the end of your blog to ask people to click your link.

Products / Services don’t just sell themselves, I wish they did, you need to work at it, using a range of tools both online and more traditional methods.


Keep the cycle going. Keep your self educated. Help your team be educated and the returns will come back to you many ways.

My Solution

Education Empower Network and Network Marketing VT
Exposure Empower Network and other blogging / article sites
Leads Empower Network
Conversions Empower Network

Empower Network

I use the Empower Network to blog daily and increase my exposure on the Internet. The Empower Network is ranked in the top 300 sites in the US and top 1000 sites globally, which means by posting my articles on here, as well as other high ranking authority sites my exposure is increased.

The Empower Network is a membership driven site that provides you with a viral blogging system all for $25 per month. You also can upgrade to higher membership levels to access live and recorded training sessions from the top marketers in the network marketing industry.

The other benefit of the Empower Network is that it is also an affiliate opportunity that pays 100% commission directly into your bank account. No waiting around for the affiliate company to pay you once you reach a certain limit or for the end of the month to roll around.

The system was developed by two gurus in the Network Marketing industry and their videos are designed to help you sell the system, should you wish to become an affiliate of the system and use the income opportunity.

Network Marketing VT

Network Marketing VT (Virtual Training) is the industry’s top training, coaching and software suite, featuring the world’s most lucrative direct-sales 100% instant commission opportunity. By leveraging the abundant power of the Internet and the quality people we attract, Network Marketing VT benefits from our competitive advantage in the marketplace - and will continue to be the leader so for many years to come.

Network Marketing VT provides its members with a huge array of marketing tools for just a one off cost of $98 and a monthly membership fee of less than $20. Most of the products that are available through the network are worth hundred of dollars each but you get full access and reseller rights for the once off payment of $98.

Yours in Success,

Dean Howell

Entrepreneur – Business & Personal Development – Leadership – Connecting GeoSpatial Professionals – GIS Expert – Recruitment – Fire Fighter – Pilot

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