posted on: 10/24/2011 9:16:39 PM EST
Perfect Timing
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About 7 months ago, I came to a stand still with my business the economy kept getting worse and my customer's were no longer able to buy.

Being without a Job, I was really trying to push my business and was in a big hurry in doing so. After seeing that I wasn't getting any where I threw my hands up and said, "Uncle." Things were stagnet and dead, I was about ready to throw in the towl.

Being a Christian women, I would pray and ask in prayer for things to start moving in my business and that's when I remembered some notes I took watching Joel Osteen. Back in November 2003, Joel spoke on "The Importance of Staying in Gods Perfect Timing" Joel began to talk about the mistakes we make when we're in a hurry. I realized things don't work well when we're frustrated, but works only when we're at peace and not being in a hurry. We have to get to the place where we're not making decisions while being in a rush. If we go against our uneasinest we will birth something we may later regret.

I also learned things happen in an appointed time, my time came back in Feburary 2011 when I read an advertisment from Kris Karafotas about IBOtoolbox being an awesome tool to use. After reading Kris's ad, I said to myself, "Lets give this a try" with in 2 days my traffic increased with my buisness, and then I started getting referrals, and my sells incresed. Since Feburary 2011 I have experienced tons of traffic and have had my preferred customers increase as well as my Amazon sells increased. Talk about perfect timing, IBOtoolbox couldn't have come a better time for me. As Joel Osteen said, "Stay in Gods timing, if it's not happening now God is at work in making things happen for you, He will give you the desires of your heart in His perfect timing.

IBOtoolbox came in the nick of time, and is the best advertising tool I have ever used that works and where I have literally seen results.

If your not with IBOtoolbox, I highly recommend you sign up today and do yourself and your Business a favor!

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Debra Reed   897 day(s) ago
Thank you AJ, and you are so right!! One of my favorite verses!
Alvin Fuller   897 day(s) ago
Great entry Debra. IBO-TB is an awesome tool a I am sure there will be more features added. Your testimony speaks volumes. It brings to mind, “Be still and know that am GOD”.
Debra Reed   898 day(s) ago
Thank you David, I am counting my blesses:) @Ontarian, thank you for your comment, I am glad I stayed in the game long enough to see. @Maurice, yes, right place right time for sure, thanks for your kind words. @Philippe, thank you I'm glad to hear that. -Debra
Philippe Moisan   899 day(s) ago
Inspiring story, Debra, the Lord is telling me more and more to keep Him present in my thoughts and actions, seeing your posts at IBO is another sign :)
Maurice Bernier   899 day(s) ago
Great article Debra. This just goes to show that when your in the right place at the right time, things can definitely be changed in ones life big time. Hope time continues to work in your favor!
Ontarian Hawkins   899 day(s) ago
Debra this is a POWERFUL testimony.. GOD is always on time even when it's seems he's not moving.. What great FAITH you had to stay in the game long enough to see the blessings through... Thanks for the inspiration.. Blessings, Ontarian
David & Katsue Lukasiak   899 day(s) ago
Going forward is the key...Being anxious and worry will rip you apart and cause you to make the wrong choices in life...If you start to worry-begin to give thanks and count your blessings and watch what happens to you...
Debra Reed   899 day(s) ago
Hi Nathaniel, yes I have learned some times we get anxious and the words talks about being anxious for nothing. It's just good to be reminded to slow down and wait with patience, timing is every thing. Thanks Nathaniel
Nathaniel Hash   899 day(s) ago
Yes, in everything that we do in life, its about timing. All the way from life, love & relationships, its all about timing. Perseverance helps alot
Debra Reed   899 day(s) ago
Thank you Velma, great success you all your endeavors too! Thanks for your kind comment:) -Debra
Velma Joseph   899 day(s) ago
Awesome share Debra ~ Thanks for your transparency! Yes, God will give you ALL the desires of your heart.... Massive Success in ALL your endeavors! Grateful and Victorious Velma
Debra Reed   899 day(s) ago
Pushing this through again, since the wall is so busy!!
Debra Reed   906 day(s) ago
Thanks Shelley for your comment!
Shelley Kuhn   906 day(s) ago
Great read, I agree pushing too hard or trying to make things happen only leads to frustration. God's timing is always perfect! :-)
Debra Reed   906 day(s) ago
Thank you Larry, I appreciate your kind words.
Larry `thePCGuy`   906 day(s) ago
Wow! Now that's the way to write a blog Debra! An inspiration to all IBO's, those of us already here and especially to those yet to come!
Debra Reed   906 day(s) ago
Oh wow, I didn't know that Dennis. I guess we can say it was "Perfect Timing" LOL! I'm glad I was able to help you, you have been very kind to me here at Ibo and I'm thankful for that. -Debra Reed
Dennis Thorgesen   906 day(s) ago
I personally am glad you found IBO, you were the first to reach out to me and give me a hand when I joined IBO. Without that I probably wouldn't have learned how to use the platform. Then neither of us would be where we are today.
Debra Reed   906 day(s) ago
Yes persistence does pay off Kris, thank you so much for your kind words. To Daniel, thank you & God bless you too. Chris, your right Joel always puts things in perspective. Elaine, thank you and yes IBO is a great site indeed. Thank you everybody!
Elaine Logan   907 day(s) ago
Great story Debra! IBO Toolbox has also helped me with my business. It is a great site. I am so happy to hear you are successful after going through such a rough patch. Keep it up and god will take care of you.
Chris McPherson   907 day(s) ago
Slow down to go faster is a saying I use all the time with my motorcycle racing friends. If you are always crashing from going to fast you will never be on top. Works exactly the same way in business, relationships, etc. Joel Osteen always puts things in great perspective.
Daniel Vincent   907 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing your story. I have used lots of internet marketing tools with varying degrees of success. I agree with you. IBO Tool box is the best. May God continue to bless you.
Kris Karafotas    907 day(s) ago
Debra, I guess persistence pays off because you are a wonderful addition to the IBOtoobox community!
Debra Reed   907 day(s) ago
Yes Terri, I too knew about waiting but sometimes we have to be reminded:) Thank you for your comment and sharing:)
Terri Pattio    907 day(s) ago
God is always right on time, just be patient and wait is what I learned. I can relate to your story. I was about ready to throw in the towel and in perfect timing I got what I needed from God and it's been all good ever since. Thanks be to God.
Debra Reed   907 day(s) ago
Aww, thank you Roosevelt that is so kind. (Smiling)
Debra Reed   907 day(s) ago
Thank you Kris, if it were not for you advertising IBO, I most likely wouldn't be connected to IBO. I kept seeing your ad, and wouldn't do anything. The more I saw your ad, and the more you gave detail I decided to give IBOtoolbox at try. Thank you Kris!
Roosevelt Evans III   907 day(s) ago
Thank you for your Christian Testimony! God has made you a Positive Influence here on IBOtoolbox and we're Glad About it! Great post!
Debra Reed   907 day(s) ago
Thank you Dion, and Sig you are awesome! I feel like I've known you for years, your just that kind of person. Thank you Sig and Dion and so many others here at IBO for your kindness and support! Thank you IbOtoolbox!!
Kris Karafotas    907 day(s) ago
Wow Debra, great blog!! I love it because it is your voice, your experience and right from the heart! Things do happen for a reason my friend and I think IBOtoolbox happened just in the "nick of time" for all of us! IBOtoolbox is the best advertising tool! Much success to you!
Sigurd Skeie   907 day(s) ago
What a wonderfull story from a wonderfull Women! Its great to read this Story of yours, and how you found IBO, and you coulndt join with a better women then Kris. I call this perfect timing! And allso we met and what a gang of great people! All the best success for you. Sig
DION ROGERS   907 day(s) ago
Timing is everything, I also tweeted for you.

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