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5/10/2016Showing Us the Way
way showers,information overload,overwhelm
5/8/2016Happy Mothers Day
Mothers Day,Fort McMurray,natural disasters
5/4/2016May is Climate Action Month!
climate action,May 2016
4/26/2016United We Stand
4/25/2016My Vegan Journey
4/25/2016My Vegan Journey
4/22/2016Earth Day 2016
Earth Day,Earth Day 2016
4/17/2016Do You Get Migraines? Maybe This Will Help
migraine,congee,TCM,Chinese medicine,Traditional Chinese medicine
4/17/2016Do You Get Migraines? Maybe This Will Help
migraine,congee,TCM,Chinese medicine,Traditional Chinese medicine
4/13/2016Writing is a Long and Winding Journey
4/2/2016Our Most Intimate Connection
food,connection,eating,organically grown food,outdoor markets
3/31/2016In With the New!
Springtime,sharing economy,hard times
3/25/2016Societal Shifts
societal shifts,environment,trends,Shane Koyczan
3/20/2016Becoming Vegan
3/16/2016Claiming Our Personal Power
personal power,power
3/8/2016Happy International Women's Day!
International Women's Day
3/6/2016How Do You Set Clear Boundaries?
emotional health,boundaries,discernment,judgment,self knowledge
3/3/2016When Will Politicians Catch Up with the People?
pipelines,Canada,greenhouse gas emissions
2/20/2016My Next Novel
next novel,World Hunger: 10 Myths,Frances Moore Lappe,Joseph Collins,food,hunger,world hunger,stories
2/17/2016Setting Boundaries
boundaries,Jian Ghomeshi,Canada,environment
2/14/2016Happy Valentines Day from Canada's West Coast
Valentines Day,Canada,west coast,flakey
2/14/2016Happy Valentines Day from Canada's West Coast
Valentines Day,Canada,west coast,flakey
2/10/2016Do You Let Your Creativity Simmer?
creativity,creative process,writing
2/8/2016It's the Year of the Fire Monkey!
2016,new year,Year of the Fire Monkey,Year of the Monkey,Chinese New Year
2/4/2016Thinking of Writing a Novel? Here are some tips
writing,writing a novel,publishing
1/30/2016Lifestyles of the Future
lifestyle,future,simplicity,clean technology,authenticity
1/26/2016A Riddle for You
1/24/2016Authentic Self Expression
authenticity,authentic voice,writing,artistic expression
1/11/2016R.I.P. David Bowie
David Bowie
1/8/2016Climate Change Got You Down? Here's a Radio Show That Will Help
climate change,Climate of Change,Kootenay Co-op Radio,Kootenay Coop Radio,Tanya Coad,Laura Sacks,Anni Holtby,Naomi Klein,Avi Lewis,Tom Rand
1/4/2016Putting Our Creativity to Good Use
Pull Together,RAVEN Trust,Sierra Club BC,giving back,
1/1/2016Happy 2016: Lets Make This The Year That Changes Everything!
2016,new year,climate change,climate justice
12/28/2015Recipes for a New Year
recipes,new year,pudding,squash pudding,tofu,tofu patties
12/26/2015Boxing Day Reflections
Boxing Day
12/12/2015There Are Some Things I Don't Understand. Can You Help Me?
COP21,Naomi Klein,climate change,Paris climate talks
12/7/2015Visioning Exercise
Paris climate talks,COP21
11/29/2015Activism and Health: Are They Linked?
activism,health,Paris,Paris climate talks
11/22/2015Wanted: A New Kind of Courage
11/8/2015What Would a Post Fossil Fuel Future Look Like to You?
Leap Manifesto
10/31/2015A Delicious Growing Trend
marketing,farmers markets,SPIN farming,urban farming,farm lit
10/18/2015Successful People Look to the Future
success,future,stranded assets
10/11/2015Do Music, Art and Politics Mix?
10/3/2015Reworking Our Cultural Narrative
cultural narrative,niqab,dairy products,In the Valley of Lost Souls
9/25/2015Should We Apply Self Help Principles to Our Collective Situation?
self help,climate change,encyclical,The Leap Manifesto,In the Valley of Lost Souls,Balboa Press
9/22/2015Do You Ever Yearn for Something Better?
Autumn,urban farming
9/15/2015Harmonize with the Seasons with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Traditional Chinese Medicine,TCM,seasons,seasonal,Autumn,health
9/13/2015Free Films that Demonstrate Different Ways of Healing
Healing,Amazon,Naomi Klein,Bill McKibbon,,shamanism,environment,clean technology
9/12/2015Sometimes Self Care Trumps Everything
self care,time management,planning
8/23/2015The Best We Can Give is Our Authentic Self
8/16/2015Why Is It Hard to Just Be Ourselves Sometimes?
authenticity,being ourselves
8/9/2015The Edge of Wonderful
progress,clean technology
8/5/2015How to Eat Well Affordably
bulk food,wholesale food buying,organically grown food
8/3/2015Activism and Meditation: Are They Connected?
activism,meditation,In the Valley of Lost Souls,Gandhi,Rosa Parks,Martin Luther King
7/27/2015Can Words Heal?
healing,Anima Mundi,PTSD
7/21/2015Self Care and Effectiveness
self care,effectiveness,activism,volunteering
7/16/2015Environmentally Friendly Interior Design
environmentally friendly interior design,green interior design,healthy homes
7/11/2015Creating a Life of Relevance and Meaning
relevance,climate change,David Suzuki,Jane Fonda,celebrities,Alan Rusbridger,The Guardian
7/9/2015The Vegans in My Novel
7/6/2015An Opportunity to Walk My Talk
Pull Together,climate change,Enbridge Pipeline,Alberta tar sands
7/2/2015Needing Each Other: It's a Good Thing
community,ecosystem,Naomi Klein,Pope Francis,encyclical
7/1/2015Social Media: Is Being Hooked a Bad Thing?
social media
6/28/2015The Interplay of Fiction and Reality
dream job,fiction writing
6/17/2015Fiction Writing Process Questions
writing process,fiction writing process,John Lennon,Yoko Ono
6/14/2015Do You Ever Need a Time Out?
time out,self care,mental health
6/9/2015The Website: In the Valley of Lost Souls
In the Valley of Lost Souls,website
6/5/2015My First Book Launch
book launch,event planning,In the Valley of Lost Souls
5/24/2015Love Farming? Don't Own Land? Want to Make Money? Here's How!
urban farming,food security,Curtis Stone,Profitable Urban Farming,In the Valley of Lost Souls,SPIN f
5/18/2015Are You Aware of the Divestment Movement?
divestment,investment,fossil fuels
5/14/2015Smell the Coffee
Smell the Coffee,climate change,Kootenay Co-op Radio,Kootenay Morning,Neil Young,David Suzuki,Naomi Klein,Tanya Coad
5/12/2015The Power of Collaboration
collaboration,Still Eagle,blogging,climate change
5/9/2015The Biggest Story in the World
climage change,Guardian newspaper,Alan Rusbridger,environment
4/25/2015Planning a Book Launch - What Do We Need?
In the Valley of Lost Souls,book launch planning, book launch planning
4/19/2015Young People, What Would Motivate You to Vote?
voter apathy,youth vote,women vote,Canada,Canadian federal election,Naomi Klein,This Changes Everthing
4/5/2015Need Some Feel Good Music?
60s faves, youtube
4/4/2015Next Phase: Book Launch or Tuning In to Anima Mundi
book launch,In the Valley of Lost Souls
3/29/2015The Amazing Jean Houston
Jean Houston,In the Valley of Lost Souls,Unlock Your Quantum Powers
3/22/2015Layers of Connection
In the Valley of Lost Souls
3/13/2015Just Released: In the Valley of Lost Souls
In the Valley of Lost Souls
2/21/2015One Last Bit of Writing
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
2/15/2015What? No Chapter on Friday?!
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
2/6/2015Chapter Seventy: Dollars and Sense
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
1/31/2015Chapter Sixty-Nine: Chloe
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
1/23/2015Chapter Sixty-Eight: Funny Money
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
1/16/2015Chapter Sixty-Seven: Ellen's at Ten
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
1/9/2015Chapter Sixty-Six: A Hard Morning
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
1/3/2015Chapter Sixty-Five: Setting Up
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
1/1/2015Our Need for Balance
balance,life balance
12/28/2014As Within So Without
vegan,vegan diet,organic,organically grown,food snob,activism
12/27/2014Relevance: the Essential Business Ingredient
relevance,target audience,success
12/26/2014Chapter Sixty-Four: Reunion at the Love Bite
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
12/21/2014Happy Winter Solstice, Everyone!
Winter Solstice
12/19/2014Chapter Sixty-Three: Vanessa
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
12/14/2014Our Place of Power
breathing,meditation,power,place of power
12/12/2014Chapter Sixty-Two: Dreams for the Future
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
12/7/2014Story Within the Story
writing process,novel writing,Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls,Balboa Press
12/5/2014Chapter Sixty-One: Online Introduction
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
11/28/2014Chapter Sixty: Guys Sometimes
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
11/22/2014Chapter Fifty-Nine: The Wellness Team
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
11/14/2014Chapter Fifty-Eight: Dream Gone Sour
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
11/7/2014Chapter Fifty-Seven: Anima Mundi
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
10/31/2014Chapter Fifty-Six: Abandoned House Update
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
10/24/2014Chapter Fifty-Five: The Phoenix
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
10/22/2014Reaching Beyond Our Comfort Zones
comfort zones,unusual alliances,courage,fearlessness,risk taking
10/20/2014Doing the Inner Work
success,inner work
10/17/2014Chapter Fifty-Four: Jess
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
10/11/2014Adapting Our Strategies to a Rapidly Changing World
economic transformation,climate change,sales strategy
10/10/2014Chapter Fifty-Three: On the Couch
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
10/3/2014Chapter Fifty-Two: Anticipation
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
9/28/2014Visualization: The Missing Link
9/28/2014Introducing Empathy For Animals
Empathy For Animals,vegan,veganism,Kailei Malauskas
9/26/2014Chapter Fifty-One: Rude Awakening
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
9/21/2014See You on the Streets!
climate march,New York,largest Climate March in History,United Nations,Naomi Klein,This Changes Everything,Peoples Climate March,,Disruption
9/19/2014Chapter Fifty: Velvet
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
9/14/2014Thanks for Helping Me Land a Book Deal!
publishing,Balboa Press,online exposure
9/12/2014Chapter Forty-Nine: An Evening with Friends
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
9/7/2014What's It Going to Take?
Disruption,Naomi Klein,Climate Change,Demonstration,
9/5/2014Chapter Forty-Eight: Dinner Invitation
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
9/2/2014We All Have to Eat
SPIN farming,Hunger in America
8/29/2014Chapter Forty-Seven: Movie Night
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
8/26/2014What Do We Really Want?
self determination,values
8/23/2014Laying the Groundwork for Success
8/22/2014Chapter Forty-Six: More Planning
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
8/15/2014Common Sense Business Decisions
common sense,common sense business
8/15/2014Chapter Forty-Five: Tina the Ballerina
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
8/8/2014Chapter Forty-Four: Plotting the Course
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls,SPIN farming
7/31/2014Chapter Forty-Three: SPIN Farming 101
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
7/25/2014Chapter Forty-Two: Entertaining at the Mansion
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
7/24/2014Keep Dumping the Fear
fear,Jess Grippo,Denise Posnak,#danceinaroom,The One Percent,Jamie Johnson,Star Trek
7/17/2014Chapter Forty-One: New Home
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
7/14/2014Dare to Dream BIG!
dream big,big dream
7/13/2014Presenting an Alternative Vision
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls,purpose,power,power of story,power of stories
7/11/2014Chapter Forty: First Meal at the Mansion
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
7/7/2014Finding Our Place of Power
place of power,building an audience,writing,writing a novel,Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lo
7/4/2014Chapter Thirty-Nine: Moving
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
7/3/2014Bottom Up vs. Top Down
bottom up,top down,open source
7/3/2014Keeping our Focus
focus,staying focused
6/28/2014Chiropractic's Time to Shine
chiropractic,Chiropractic for the World
6/27/2014Chapter Thirty-Eight: Final Details
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
6/20/2014Chapter Thirty-Seven: Catching up
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
6/13/2014Chapter Thirty-Six: Passing It On
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
6/8/2014Fiction Writing: An Incredible Journey
fiction writing
6/6/2014Chapter Thirty-Five: Elation
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
6/3/2014Why Buy Organic?
organic,nonGMO,government subsidies,Robyn O'Brien
6/1/2014A Deeper Shade of Green
green,environmental awareness
5/30/2014Sometimes We Need to Wander
discernment,personal fulfillment
5/30/2014Chapter Thirty-Four: Meeting at the Mansion
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
5/23/2014Chapter Thirty-Three: Next Steps
Valley of Lost Souls, In the Valley of Lost Souls,Sleeping Dragon
5/19/2014The Flow, The Journey, The Process
process,organic,organically grown,habits,fair trade,ethics
5/18/2014The Missing Link in Our Thinking
5/16/2014Chapter Thirty-Two: Developments
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
5/9/2014Chapter Thirty-One: An Offer
Valley of Lost Souls,In the Valley of Lost Souls
5/2/2014Chapter Thirty: The Velveteen Rabbit
Valley of Lost Souls, In the Valley of Lost Souls
4/25/2014How to Discipline Your Fictitious Characters
fictitious characters,discipline,fictitious characters bossing your around
4/25/2014Chapter Twenty-Nine: Chrysalis
In the Valley of Lost Souls
4/22/2014Happy Earth Day, Everyone!
Earth Day
4/18/2014Chapter Twenty-Eight: 'Tis the Season
Valley of Lost Souls
4/11/2014Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Food Bank
Valley of Lost Souls
4/4/2014Chapter Twenty-Six: Wined and Dined
Valley of Lost Souls
3/28/2014Chapter Twenty-Five: Old Friends
Valley of Lost Souls
3/24/2014Just Do It -- Really!
fiction writing
3/21/2014Chapter Twenty-Four: Here but Not Here
In the Valley of Lost Souls
3/20/2014Scientists Not Divided on Climate Change
climate change,climate change deniers,scientists,American Association for the Advancement of Science,AAAS
3/15/2014Clean Technology is Becoming a Very Profitable Investment
clean technology,investment,divesting,Analytica Advisors
3/14/2014Chapter Twenty-Three: Diminished Voices
Valley of Lost Souls
3/9/2014Protecting Everything that You Love
Dan Dolderman,Unstoppable Snowball,climate change,TedX,Ted Talks
3/8/2014Does Anyone Else have a Co-Dependent Relationship with Lentil Soup?
lentil soup recipe,healing with food
3/7/2014Chapter Twenty-Two: Love Beyond the Grave
Valley of Lost Souls
3/4/2014The Movie Based on My Novel: Casting Call
Valley of Lost Souls,casting,Balboa Press,Hay House Publishing,Tom Hanks,Liam Neeson,Matthew Modine,
2/28/2014Chapter Twenty-One: For the Altar
In the Valley of Lost Souls,meditation
2/27/2014Do you Think GMOs are Safe? Think Again
GMOs,genetically modified organisms,food safety,EU,European Union,GMWatch,,Dr. Brian John
2/22/2014Why Self Care Comes First
self care,priorities
2/21/2014Chapter Twenty: Musings
In the Valley of Lost Souls
2/16/2014Being Sold to Death
2/14/2014Fiction Writing Tips
fiction writing tips,Valley of Lost Souls
2/14/2014Chapter Nineteen: The Green Team
Valley of Lost Souls
2/7/2014Chapter Eighteen: News from the City
Valley of Lost Souls
2/4/2014Making the Invisible Visible
trade subsidies,Citizens Climate Lobby,greenhouse gas emissions,David Suzuki Foundation,dumping
1/31/2014Chapter Seventeen: Broke Down Palace
Valley of Lost Souls
1/24/2014Chapter Sixteen: Up the Hill
In the Valley of Lost Souls
1/22/2014Hey, Anyone Want to Go Time Travelling?
time travelling,fiction writing
1/17/2014Chapter Fifteen: Around the Table
Valley of Lost Souls
1/15/2014What Will Your Legacy Be?
1/11/2014Avoiding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
GMO,GMOs,genetically modified organisms
1/10/2014Chapter Fourteen: The Love Bite
In the Valley of Lost Souls,Valley of Lost Souls
1/7/2014What Business Did Tim Sales Choose?
Tim Sales,Ariix,Brilliant Compensation
1/3/2014Chapter Thirteen: The Lucky Ones
In the Valley of Lost Souls
12/31/2013End of the Year Contemplations
new years, new years eve,contemplation,dignity,business
12/27/2013Chapter Twelve: Friends' Perspectives
In the Valley of Lost Souls
12/20/2013Chapter Eleven: Inner Changes
Valley of Lost Souls
12/13/2013Chapter Ten: A New Gig
Valley of Lost Souls
12/9/2013Have You Found Your Labour of Love?
Labour of Love,Valley of Lost Souls
12/8/2013Healing, Spirituality and Activism
healing,spirituality,activism,Nelson Mandela
12/6/2013Chapter Nine: Life in the Margins
Valley of Lost Souls
11/30/2013Who are You Writing For?
target audience,GMO,GMOs,genetically modified organisms,Ariix
11/29/2013Chapter Eight: The First Supper
Valley of Lost Souls
11/22/2013Chapter Seven: A Visit with a Friend
Valley of Lost Souls
11/22/2013GMOs: Is It Time for Labelling Advocates to Get Mad in their Messaging?
GMOs,genetically modified organisms,messaging,negative ad campaigns,John Rappaport
11/19/2013Need a Free Portable Stove?
portable stove,upcycling
11/15/2013Chapter Six: The Labyrinth
Valley of Lost Souls
11/8/2013Chapter Five: Meditations
Valley of Lost Souls,meditation
11/1/2013Chapter Four: Letting Go
Valley of Lost Souls
11/1/2013Waking Up with Voices in My Head
fiction,writing fiction,voices in my head
10/26/2013The Importance of Speaking Up
speaking up,prejudice,Martin Luther King
10/26/2013Make Your Dreams Come True -- Literally!
writing,fiction,making dreams come true
10/25/2013Chapter Three: A New Day
Valley of Lost Souls,story
10/19/2013Chapter Two: Hidden Home
Valley of Lost Souls,fiction,story
10/18/2013Why I've Chosen to Post Fiction to the IBOToolbox
fiction,story,stories,Valley of Lost Souls
10/14/2013Chapter One: In the Valley of Lost Souls
The Valley of Lost Souls,fiction
10/13/2013Filling Specific Needs
appetite loss,meal replacement,digestion,PureNourish
10/12/2013A Time to Be Thankful
Thanksgiving,Canadian Thanksgiving,thankfulness
10/12/2013An Experiment with Heart
heart,Heartmath,heart intelligence,Shift Network,3 Keys to Awaken Your Heart's Intelligence
10/7/2013No One Sells Like a Satisfied Customer
sales,customer satisfaction,slow marketing
10/5/2013Dealing with Difficult Relationships
Deepk Chopra,relationships,respect,difficult relationships,difficult people
10/5/2013I Seem to have Struck a Chord
healing,healers,true healers
10/4/2013True Healers
10/1/2013Maybe It's Time for a Radical Leap of Faith
government shutdown,people power
9/29/2013Astronauts' Overview
Overview,astronauts,Overview movie,Continuum,Continuum movie,Rachel Maddow,mass shootings
9/26/2013Making Room for the Good Stuff
9/21/2013The Need to be Seen and Heard
9/17/2013Why is Gratitude so Beautiful?
9/15/2013Got Squash? Don't Throw Away Those Seeds!
squash,squash seeds, roasted squash seeds, seasonal eating,eating seasonally
9/13/2013The Process of Discovery
discovery,Flagpole Marketing,Danny Iny
9/10/2013Using All of Our Gifts
business process,personal development,quality
9/8/2013Strong, Safe and Supported
business relationships
9/7/2013The Layers of Importance of Self-Esteem
9/6/2013Does Your Business Reflect Your Values?
business,values,Ariix,Tim Sales,PureNourish,appetite loss
9/3/2013Radical Trust
Amanda Palmer,Upworthy,TED Talks
8/30/2013The Value of Clean Communication
honesty,integrity,clean communication
8/27/2013Money, Like Water
8/26/2013Empathy: A Revolutionary Shift in the Way We See Ourselves
empathy,Roman Krznaric
8/25/2013Introducing Energime
Energime,environmental technology
8/25/2013The Value Vortex: Keeping the Water Clean
right relationship,Law of Attraction,money vortex,value vortex
8/23/2013Questioning a Few Things Sometimes Gets Us Questioning Everything
mlm marketing techniques
8/19/2013Empathy: a Winning Quality
8/17/2013The Value of Transparency
8/16/2013The Big Picture; The Long View
big picture,long view,environment,economy,economic growth
8/13/2013Food: Our Most Intimate Connection with Our Earth
food,connection,organic,fair trade,nonGMO
8/10/2013Lessons Learned from Being Broke
being broke,lessons from being broke,Tad Hargrave
8/9/2013Finding Our Authentic Voices
authentic voice,Jess Grippo,Ruth Levy,Creative Fridays
8/5/2013A Sales Approach that Works: Complete Honesty
honesty,sales,quality,Tim Sales
8/4/2013Who would have Guessed? Meaning is a Health Tonic
meaning,health,happiness,Barbara Fredrickson,Steve Cole,Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,PNAS
8/2/2013Reaching Cultural Maturity
cultural maturity,Anodea Judith,The Global Heart Awakens,Amnesty International,
7/30/2013Living on the Edge
7/29/2013Empathy: a Vital Ingredient for Our Future
empathy,The Age of Empathy,Frans de Waal
7/28/2013A Grateful and Serendipitous Featured Member of the Day
7/27/2013More Information about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
GMO,GMOs,Genetically Modified Organisms,Ariix,PureNourish,Rachel Parent,Kids' Right to Know,Dr. Thie
7/26/2013New Boundaries for a New World
boundaries,change,healing,Johnny Depp,Wounded Knee,North Pole,fracking
7/24/2013The Power of No
no,refusal,power,Tim Silverwood,plastic,pollution,environment,oceans,tacky
7/20/2013Self Love is Foundational
self love,self esteem
7/18/2013Sharing Some Raw BC Talent
Twin Peaks,BC music
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