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Avoiding The Abyss
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Avoiding The Abyss by Don Sabelhaus

I avoid reading the daily news because of its negative affect on my mental well being; however I do skim the headlines at several of the so-called news sites, just to stay connected. I use the term so-called as I have little faith in what they are trying to convince me is news, is indeed news that is important to me.

Our country is in the shape it’s in because of the hyped drivel being fed us by mainstream media in the name of news. Were we instead told the true, vetted, facts of a truly newsworthy story we would be empowered to make informed decisions that affect or lives and those of or family and livelihoods.

All one must do is read the headlines at Yahoo or Drudge, just to name two popular sites, to be drawn closer to the vortex that will suck you into the abyss they portray the world to be. But it is up to you, the individual, to decide which is real and which is illusion. You have that power within, it’s not a requirement that you live in the abyss they choose to create.

You have the power to create the world you wish to live in, you are made in the creators image and likeness as the good book states, which means that you have the power to create also. You will read many articles here on IBO stating that message in many different ways, but the message is the same.

I have the power to change my world; I refuse to get sucked into the vortex of their abyss.


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© 2-16-2012 Don Sabelhaus

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Johnny Lee    1458 day(s) ago
I agree Don. It might be bad, it may get worse, but we have to stay positive and do what we can do. It will work itself out.
Ron Barnas   1458 day(s) ago
Hey Don, I find myself watching or even browsing the news less and less each day. News is no longer news but instead another entertainment broadcast. Thanks Don.
Richard Mathiason    1458 day(s) ago
Don, And So It Is! You are correct because ultimately the only person we have control over is ourselves. So, we get to decide our own news. Great post! I love it! I know you will, but make it a super day in the IBO neighborhood!
Ally Stewart   1458 day(s) ago
Well said Don. Drivel is a great word to describe some of what is reported as news.

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