posted on: 12/30/2011 11:40:00 AM EST
Have You Heard You Can Make A Lot of Money Doing No Work?
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   I sure have, I see it all the time.  The answer to that is absolutely not. Everything is produced from some type of work. These are relative terms.
      A lot of money. What is a lot? If a person has been without A hundred dollars looks juicy. To another success in business means thousands and thousands.
      Hard work? Here is another statement. One person would feel totally unproductive doing nothing, so some parts of business and learning are just pure fun to me. But being able to work now to get in position and set up systems that allow us to do what we want is desired. Using our energy for the work we want means joy in our achievement later.
     The dreams of being able to earn a living are realized every day. And internet marketing can work extremely well to eventually make passive residual income.
     Residual income - is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended. So, when we flat out work enough now to do things right in the beginning, we certainly will continue to earn from this effort, long after.
      I know we all want all the fruit right now. But what are we going to do if it comes slow but definite? There is no failure except quitting. We could possibly go on for a short time and not see what we want. But if we are willing to though if we do this acronym.
It is the C.O.R.E.
*  consistent work
*  open to grow
*  Read to learn
*  Energy only positive given or received
Work is just energy used. So whether it is physical labor or some type of mental or even
spiritual energy being expressed work is being done. Money IS the reward of our labor. We will and can not help but succeed. When we practice these 4 simple core things we will see the snowball effect take place.
    ? We have been given the power and ability to create Wealth.
    So what exactly do you require this year? What can you do differently to be more consistent? If we work with our heart and not just intelligence we make great decisions and have great relationships as well. Inner guidance gets us to the right people at the right time.  We have been continually surprised by which people that we help become a blessing to us later in many ways.
    By allowing ourselves to only give out positive energy as well as accept and allow only positive
energy back from others helps so much. We can not be stopped, stuck or rejected.
    Just a daily practice of working on ourselves only causes what we need to be attracted to us. A good and noble job. great work. But again notice, this is work also.
     This year we are not pursuing "doing no work". But that the work we do, we enjoy and have fun doing it.
     "The things we look at change, when we change the way we look at things" Dr Wayne Dyer

Be blessed in this great year!

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