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Time to Open Your Own Online Store
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According to the government census, in the second quarter of 2011, eCommerce in the U.S. accounted for 47.5 BILLION dollars!! A 3% increase over the last quarter. Since 2002, its grown from 1.3% to 4.6% of total money spent in retail. That's a lot of money!!

That's the reason I moved from MLM to eCommerce, opening my own online retail store. I can't say for sure it's a lot easier, but it sure is a lot more fun. And the rush I get every time an order comes in is priceless.

I would say the biggest challenge is finding the right product to sell. To do that, I would suggest visiting Amazon or eBay to see what's selling. Electronics are always hot, but the competition is fierce. Security products are hot and the competition isn't that high. But just think about it, Walmart sells everything, yet there are eCommerce sites doing just fine selling some of the same items as Walmart. I think the secret is not to compete on price, but on great customer service, an awesome website and personalization.

If you're wondering how to source your online store, look no further than the wholesale dropshipping model. Dropshipping means there is no need to purchase inventory. The products you sell come straight from a wholesaler who dropships. This is the way it goes.

1. You setup your online store and stock it with merchandise.
2. Your customer places an order from your site using Paypal, Google Checkout or credit card.
3. You are notified that you have received an order and a payment.
4. You place the order with your wholesale dropshipper.
5. The wholesale dropshipper processes the order and ships it to your customer. You will also receive an email from the wholesaler letting you know the order has shipped and the tracking number.
6. You relay the tracking information to your customer.
7. Customer gets their order

Not too hard huh?

So if you're ready to take your online endeavors in a new direction, I suggest getting in on a piece of the eCommerce action.

Take a look at my site at to get an idea of what you could do in no time.

Get started!

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BERDEL WARRIOR   1355 day(s) ago
Denise thank you for sharing the information about eCommerce store. I wish you much success.
Rose Stolarz   1355 day(s) ago
Great information! Good luck to you sharing on twitter.
STARR WHITE   1355 day(s) ago
Good blog lots of information. Looks easy enough and profitable good luck will share for you

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