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I am a strong proponent and supporter of Globalization. I believe that everyone has the right to the entire world that we live in.

It is true that I am from one of the smallest island nation in the world, St. Lucia but size will not limit my dreams and aspirations.

I am here now able to share global opportunities with you. So thanks so much for visiting my profile page.

Getting credible, trustworthy and profitable online business opportunities is like looking for a pin in a haystack.

As a physician I have explored and research different means of improving health care services both locally and internationally.

I am now able able to offer something universal. Now you can Book A Doctor as part of your travel plans.

Here are  a few opportunities I am part of and would like to invite you to join me:

With almost 2 million members SFI can make a big difference in your life.

Looking for Great Bargains? Just Click this banner and you are on your way.

Joining TripleClicks with me is having your very own Shopping Mall. Sell and promote your own stuff or help promote products from other companies and generate revenue you never thought possible.

If you still want to build a business from the ground up here is the best online training from Wealthy Affiliate:

My other Great Links:

1. Easycare Clinic

2. Caribbean Ordering

3. Easycare Shop

4. Book A Doctor

Kindly contact me for more information.

Thanks again.

Gerard Saltibus 

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Dr Gerard Saltibus MD 
Congratulations Rosa for being FMOTD. Success to you.
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Dr Gerard Saltibus MD 
I just posted a new video titled "Best On Line Training". Please take a watch, rate, and comment... Watch Video
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Dr Gerard Saltibus MD  
I just commented on my video. View Comments
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Dr Gerard Saltibus MD 
Congratulations Herb Ratsch for being FMOTD.
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Dr Gerard Saltibus MD 
Congrats, James Stevens for being FMOTD
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Dr Gerard Saltibus MD 
Convert your services into a Paperless appointment and customer relations management system -  click here
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  info current as of: 10/4/2015
  info current as of: 10/4/2015

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