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Do you have a Sick Dog or Cat ? Stem cell nutrition is the best health supplement for pets.
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Stem cell nutrition helps people, dogs, cats and horses. These natural stem cell enhancer products are packaged in tablets, capsules, granules and powders.

A liver flavored chewable nutrition supplement tablet , is formulated for dogs ,cats and other house pets.

It is the specially formulated pet equivalent to a patented stem cell enhancer for humans, documented to support the natural release of adult stem cells from bone marrow.

Stem cell nutrition supports the natural release of adult stem cells from your pet’s bone marrow.
Adult stem cells play a key role in the natural renewal process. The primary role of adult stem cells is to renew and repair tissues, organs and muscles. Scientific studies have shown that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells in the body is an important aspect maintaining optimal health.

Here are a few remarkable testimonials of stem cell nutrition,
helping dogs and cats . These heartwarming stories have been
posted on Internet by Dog and Cat Owners.

****Sick Dog has Heart Condition & eye problems ****

Little Sneezy, born 25th May 2000, my male Pekingese doggie is 10 years old. He had a very slow heartbeat,
.. his medication was Fortekor 5. He just use to lie in a quiet spot in the house or outside under his favorite tree.
It always looked as though he had stopped breathing. I would call his name and hold my breath until he slowly responded.

He walked very slow, just like a little old man.
He hardly ate any food, and I was slowly but surely starting
o say “goodbye” to my little doggie.

It broke my heart to see him in this weak condition. In April 2009 , stem cell enhancers were not in South Africa as yet so,
I gave him ½ capsule of stem cell enhancers for people everyday which released additional stem cells from his bone marrow
and thus, his body’s cells miraculously started healing and repairing his little body … 3 days later, Little Sneezy was trotting around like a little pony, full of bounce and life.

He started eating like a horse and started barking at every movement around him again. I could not believe this remarkable improvement … in just in 3 days!

September 2009, I started giving him ½ tablet of stem cell enhancers for dogs every day. (Now available in South Africa)
~ Sneezy went to the Vet, for a check-up and the Dr told us that his little heart is normal again!

We have weaned him off his heart medication. Wow! I have my little doggie back again!
Sneezy also had large cataracts on his eyes. Cataracts are now very small.
Sneezy’s coat’s condition even now looks beautiful again!
If Sneezy could speak he would like to thank Christian Drapeau
for creating stem cell nutrition for dogs.

See more stem cell enhancers for dogs and pets here..

*** Testimonial about my sick cat, Missy. ***

Missy is a beautiful Persian Cat. She is 15 years old. With 4 other younger cats in the house,
it is difficult for her to keep up with them. She seems more lazy and grumpy at times.

I was introduced to stem cell nutrition pet supplements and started giving her half a tablet per day.
Within a day, she was playful again, and also watching our bird in the cage.
I couldn't believe my eyes. She is eating better, her coat is more shiny and she has started enjoying life again.
This is where the 9 lives come from!
I'm not sure how many lives she has used up yet, but it’s sure good to see Missy “up and about” again!

*** How adult stem cell nutrition helped Jenna, my Labrador ***

Jenna was a sick dog with a serious health problem. . She has been at the Vet for 3 months for continued treatment.
She has been quite stable, but every third month it would flare up again.

Her abdomen was very swollen. She was very despondent for a Lab.
She has been on stem cell nutrition tablets for 6 weeks, 1 tablet per day, and there is a big improvement.
She is running down the passage, jumping over tables and playing with my other Lab,
which she never did in years. Her abdomen has declined and she is feeling on top of the world.

If you really Love your dogs or cats, you can help them
achieve Optimal health with more stem cells circulating in their body.

What Does your dog and cat need to be Happy… ??
Good nutrition.. Fresh water . Plenty of exercise..Lots of LOVE..
and a daily serving of stem cell enhancer supplements to release more
adult stem cells to renew your pets body.

This stem cell pet nutrition for your dog, cat or horse was created by the World’s First Stem Cell Nutrition Company,
and has received thousands of testimonials from happy dog owners. They have helped
their sick dogs to achieve optimal health with Natural stem cell enhancer tablets.

Review more information to help your sick dog at this link ..

Legal Notice

Any stem cell enhancer products or ingredients
mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Stem Cell Enhancers and adult stem cell nutrition are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent Any disease, illness or age related conditions.
If you have any concern ,consult your physician or health care professional before
starting this or any other health and wellness program for any person or animal.

Any stem cell enhancer, stem cell nutrition or adult stem cell nutrition MLM
home business income claims should not be construed
as representative of fixed or standard earnings for any stem cell nutrition venture.
The income level achieved by any one Independent
Distributor is not intended to imply that another Distributor will
achieve the same level of income.
The income level achieved by anyone is dependent upon individual business
skills, personal ambition, time commitment and activity.

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