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Ultimate Cycler Scam Alert! : Payup or Get Out!
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Dallas, TX - 4/3/2013, The Ultimate Cycler "no monthly fee" 2x2 forced matrix pays out instantly on 4 out of 6 new referrals, but then obligates affiliates to payup to recycle.

Launched February 2013, Ultimate Cycler, marketed worldwide by internet marketing affilates, compensates with a 2x2 forced matrix cycle, which is compelling because of its "no monthly fee" low-start up concept. However, although an Ultimate Cycler affiliate does not pay a monthly fee, everytime a cycle is complete, they do pay a required fee to begin a new cycle.

Each 2x2 matrix cycle requires 6 new referrals to fill or complete the cycle and and the commissions generated from the first two referrals of that cycle are paid to their upline. So, the affiliate earns an instant commission payout on the 4 remaining referrals. However, a fee is required for an affiliate to participate in each and all subsequent cycles.

Although, there is no monthly fee, there is the initial fee to begin, as well as a fee to continue to play. The more an affiliate cycles, the more an affiliate pays out to start another one, resulting in less overall profit for them, if any at all.

To be fair, there are many levels to join at or to pay to play at, which includes the $25, $50, $100, $200, and $400 levels. The goal is that affiliates can eventually afford to participate in all cycles at once, generating multiple commissions simultaneously.

The compensation is introduced as though an affiliate earns $100 for completing their first $25 cycle. $25 multiplied by 4. Out of this $100, the affiliate recoups their initial start-up cost ($25). Then the affiliate pays the required fee ($25) to join and recycle at the same level again. At this time, they may choose to also pay the fee to start the next higher paying cycle ($50 + $10- a one time fee). By now, the affilate has spent $10 with no profit whatsoever.

Furthermore, considering the $50 cycle level that the affiliate just payed into, with the first two commissions passing up, $50 is earned on each of the remaining four totaling $200 in earnings. Now, the affiliate has recouped the cost to join the $50 cycle they just participated in ($50 + $10), and pays the cost to start that cycle a second time ($50). The affiliate is then encouraged to pay the cost to start the next higher cycle ($100 + $10 -a one time fee). The affiliate has now paid out an extra $20, and hopefully, is finally earning profit on their second $25 cycle.


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