posted on: 12/8/2011 11:38:47 AM EST
"Appreciate Your Circumstances"
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I may not be living the lifestyle of my long term goals as of yet but I am not hurting financially as a lot of people. My bills are paid and my Christmas shopping is finished. I have a little money in the bank. My online business is growing daily. I will be living the lifestyle I have always desired in the not so far future.

I have had my fair share of financial hardship in the past. I raised 2 children as a single mother after divorcing my first husband. I did not receive child support until we were separated for 7 years. When I did finally get it, it wasn't even enough to pay for the childcare needed when I worked.

I know what it is like to struggle financially and I hope to never be in that situation again. I know what it feels like to be hungry so your children can have food. I sacrificed all my needs so my children could have theirs met.

Christmas is just around the corner and this made me think about how lucky I am and how good I have it. I may not be wealthy but I can't complain. I am not struggling as so many are these days with the cost of living increasing daily and unemployment on the rise.

I am very thankful as I know I have a lot more than some. There are people that have no car, no food, no home, no job and not an optimistic future. I am especially thankful I took an interest in internet marketing and never gave up on finding something that works for me.

I know I will reach my goals and live the lifestyle I have desired for so long. It is only a matter of time and patience.

We all need to take the time to appreciate what we have today. It doesn't matter how little you have or if you are wealthy or poor. There is always someone else that has less than you.

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