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Breast Cancer and Parabens?
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Since being a Part of the Mower Mission I have learned that parabens are harmful and .. plastic bottles are too. That's why Sisel International does not use them and requires bottles be made to very strict specifications.Sisel IS the only company doing so that I know of. Now it is proven beyond doubt that Sisel is right. See this study and shudder.... Everyone in the world needs to get off the products they are using and onto Sisel Safe products and bottles used for packaging.

Earlier this month, researchers at the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Center, South Manchester, England, released the results of a three-year study that measured the concentrations of five parabens at four different locations across the human breast using human breast tissue collected from 40 women undergoing mastectomies for primary breast cancer (J App Toxicol. Jan. 12, 2012). This most recent study found one or more paraben esters in 158/160 (99 percent) of the tissue samples, and in 96/160 (60 percent) all five esters were present.

Since 1998, research has shown parabens possess oestrogenic properties (Routledge et al., 1998), which is known to play a central role in the development, growth and progression of breast cancer (Miller, 1996). Because the source of the paraben could not be identified in the human breast tissue, it was suggested that low-level dermal absorption from personal-care products applied to the breast, face, neck and throat region over the long term might have contributed.

Why do parabens collect in the breast? Because of the fatty nature of human breast tissue, it's a prime target for lipophilic and hydrophilic pollutant chemicals that possess a range of endocrine-disrupting properties and genotoxic activity (CML – Breast Cancer. 2010). With regards to breast cancer, this is a concern because of their ability to mimic or interfere with the action of estrogen.

The article, "Personal Care Products and Breast Cancer," written by Philippa D. Darbe, M.D., leader in oncology, School of Biological Sciences. The article cited classes of personal care products that are exposed to the breast area, including shaving creams, skin and sun care products, feminine hygiene, fragrances, hair care products, etc.; in addition to chemicals used in personal care products that have shown oestrogenic activity in products almost everyone uses on a daily basis. This past fall, researchers reinforced the concern bisphenol-A (BPA), and methylparaben (MP), at low concentrations, can have adverse health consequences such as an increased risk of breast cancer (Carcinogenesis. Sept. 1, 2011).

So not only are the chemicals inside personal care products a concern, but is plastic packaging is, too.

So the question is no longer if personal care products can be absorbed into the body (which clearly they can be, according to their measured presence), but whether or not there is a causal relationship between individual or combinations of chemicals and the development of breast cancer. Now this relationship has been confirmed, there is something to say about repeatedly finding parabens in breast tissues. It's frightening to know just how much our personal care products can affect the endocrine system, among others..

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