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Create Abundance
A chance to make $1M plus per year

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Hello! pls check this is out.Founders position is too huge to miss. Teamvinh is not an MLM, this is the best methodology system to use on MLM biz because the member buys 2 vpacks that are placed below that build dowlines upon entering US saving highway that pays $1000 to $ 100,000 plus per month in full matrix. Thus, no member will be left behind to make money..pls open the link to find out more..Thank you.

Income Potential: $1,000 to over $100,000 per month
Website: join here

this is the US savinghighway site that pays

But do not join savingshighway unless you are a teamvinh member otherwise you will need to get people to sign up under you to make money..

skype: evelyn_dimaano26

Here is the exciting compensation plan (that the 2vpacks from teamvinh can do for you)

1. Fast Start Bonus

ational = $75.00

USA = $50.00 + $25.00 Visa Gas Card!

This is paid for each new personally referred Ultimate Member!

2. Monthly Personal Referral Bonus

$50 Monthly for each personally referred Ultimate Member!

Example: 10 Referrals = $500 Monthly with this bonus.

3. Free Gas Bonus

Receive a $300 FREE GAS bonus for each set of 3 personals

who introduce 3 each. $25 Gas Card sent monthly for 1 year.

You may ea
Multiple Free Gas Bonuses!

4. Free Car Bonus ($500 Monthly)

Refer 10 Ultimate Members and build a team of 150 with at least 40%

on 1 side of your organization.

5. Free House Bonus ($2,000 Monthly)

Refer 30 Ultimate Membership and build a team of 500 with at least

40% on 1 side of your organization

6. Company Bonus Pools (5.33%)

Imagine getting paid on EVERY MEMBERSHIP in the company and EVERY Product sold in our store, no matter who makes the sales or introductions! An
incredible 5.33% of every sale is placed in our Bonus Pools and Monthly Contests.

7. Bonus Pool #1 - LEADERS POOL (50% of pool money)

Introduce 10 Ultimate Members and help them introduce 2 each.

8. Bonus Pool #2 - 100% MATCHING (25% of pool money)

Help any of your personally referred Members reach the first Bonus Pool, and you get a share in the 2nd pool!

9. Monthly Referral Contest (20% of pool money)

The top 20 Referrers for the calendar month will share in this exclusive, monthly bonus pool based on new sales each month! A minimum of 5 new
Ultimate Sales in the month must be produced to ea
this pool. This will come with special recognition on the SavingsHighway website.

10. Top Sponsor of the Month (5% of pool money)

The top Sponsor each month will receive 100% of this pool. This will come with special recognition on the SavingsHighway website.

11. 2x15 Ultimate Wealth Generator

With SHVersion5.0, we've enhance your Ultimate Wealth Generator to provide you with the ability to:

A) Be in monthly profit with just 2 who refer 2 each

B) Be in monthly profit with just 3 personals

C) Receive over $10,000 monthly with just 10 levels filled

D) Receive over $137,000 monthly with 15 levels filled

E) Maintain the easy qualification of just 2 personally referred Members.

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Raine Carosin   153 day(s) ago
Thanks Evelyn! Thanks for sharing! Maybe you can find some joy with X100K as well! Check it out! :-}
Warren Contreras   154 day(s) ago
These always sound so good, but how they do in real life is what counts.
Jose Rodriguez   1152 day(s) ago
Wow, this looks like a very rewarding program. Thank you
Joe Maciarz   1152 day(s) ago
Thanks for the information Evelyn. It was great talking with you. I wish you loads of success and will be supporting you here on IBO. Thanks for sharing.
RF Mrs    1155 day(s) ago
Evelyn, Great Post..sound like good opportunity..Thanks

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