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Save Money, Manage Money, Make Money

Published on 5/22/2019
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R Network Overview and FAQ

Join a network of dreamers, achievers, and visionaries who understand that by connecting with others, we all become more.

1) The Revv account is an actual bank account with all features of a bank account. The parameters is the same as it is to sign up for any bank account.

You receive the link from your referrer and sign up for a free account and go through a free KYC (Know Your Customer) process like you would at any bank.

2) The Revv account and Revv Card are NOT an MLM. They are an amazing RevvShare Affiliate Program.

An MLM has a product or service that changes hands, usually an auto-ship, and so on. You are paid by the company for promoting their product or service and in many cases, the company can not afford to pay too many distributors too much money or they can not make their margins.

This is a true RevvShare Affiliate Program, meaning we as bank customers can actually receive portions of real merchant fees. Think about that for a moment. YOU, as bank customer can share in the merchant fees. <-- That is incredible.

3) Commission:

The RevvCard, (Yes two V's), is named because it is a true revenue sharing program.

- Once a customer signs up, he/she will have an option to pre-order a RevvCard. For every RevvCard purchased, we will be paid $10 up the TBS, or $1 up 10 levels.

That means you will be paid $1 for every card sold in your matrix.

This will be paid AFTER the card ships.

- All members will be able to receive a plastic debit card prior to their RevvCard being shipped. This card will not have the discount services, BUT the members will be able to use it and YOU will receive commission on their card usage. Up to 1% per use, i.e., 10 basis points up 10 levels.

This is true for your direct sponsors and everyone else in your 3X10 Matrix with dynamic compression.

-Once the Revvcard is shipped out, members will be able to replace their original debit card with it and load all of their cards, accounts, and so on onto it and take advantage of the discounted pricing.

There are 375,000 vendors in the U.S. and 600,000 vendors worldwide who will give discounts for the card use.

This does not mean that the total number of vendors who will accept the card is limited; it is the number of vendors who will give you a discount for using it. (This number is anticipated to grow to a much larger number fairly quickly).

- Once you refer your 10th bank customer, you will receive an email congratulating you and mentioning that you can take part in their RevvShare Affiliate Program.

You would have to pay an enrollment fee of $30 and then a membership/subscription of $35/month, $65 month 1, unless you are a current Nui member, the first $30 fee will be waived.


Once the RevvCard ships out and is being used, you will also receive commission on purchases NOT made on the debit card.

Example: A member adds additional credit cards, merchant cards, whatever, onto their RevvCard - Yes, the merchant behind that card will be paid, but since they are using our rails, we will also be paid. It will be less than 1% of the purchase price up 10 levels. It will vary from card to card. So amazing - commission on cards not even named RevvCard.

-If a bank customer pays his/her mortgage via his/her Revv account, 1% is also paid up 10 levels. A true RevvShare Program.

-I love this: WE receive the same amount of commission via merchants regardless if we are the personal sponsor or not.

-The Affiliate Fee. This one is awesome as well. For all personally invited customers, you will receive $10 of the $35 fee monthly (first 3 directs only), and $20 will be paid up the 10 levels ($2 per level). This means $12 actually for your first 3 personally sponsored members and $2 for every other affiliate.

4) Thumbprint - There is a biometric thumbprint. To activate your card, you place your thumb on it.

If you lose your card and walk 90 yards away from the last place you swipe your card, your card will call your cell phone and let you know you left it behind, This goes great with your cards GPS as well.

Your card will data dump if you walk 90 yards away from it and all you have to do to reload the data is re-sync it with your phone.

5) You will be able to store FIAT, cryptocurrency, and precious metals in the Revv Account.

Like any bank, 100% FDIC insured on your fiat money, and what is really cool, your crypto will be 110% insured.

Kala will be listed on the top of all cryptos in the Revv Account and will be the ONLY crypto with a point of sale option which could be huge for Kala. If you do not have Kala, get with the person who invited you hear and learn about it. <---Highly recommended.

6) Be careful with income claims and stay compliant!

We can promote the card features as well as the RevvShare Program.

The bank features are still being built out and will continue to improve and will release later.

Don’t go overboard talking about the millions that can be made. Keep it simple and use company approved material.

7) Videos, website and so on. All being built and developed and will roll out shortly

There will be 3 videos released shortly:

a) Video on the RevvCard and its features

b) Video on the features of than bank itself

c) Video explaining the RevShare Affiliate Program



This card will be honored on the STAR, PLUS & CIRRUS Networks. Anyone in banking knows that is a huge deal. You can use your card at any ATM in this worldwide network.

This card will be sold through R Network and Walmart ONLY <-- Love it!!!



We are in Soft Launch right now as we are paper stacking. Once we have landing pages and a link to enroll we will start Pre-Launch. Pre-launch means we can pay our enrollment and membership, that we will have access to the discounts and app, that we can be paid commissions on the membership and that the rest of the products and services will be releasing as they become available over the next several months. Once the first cards are shipped and people are using them and it is producing 1% paid back to the TBS, we will be fully launched.


I own a company and I have employees. I can purchase this card for my employees. What a great perk for my employees. I can also become an affiliate and earn a commission every time my employees use the card. So it is a win/win!

NO white labeling as they want s to promote the RevvCard, BUT companies can use it as a perk for their employees, and here is where it gets really exciting, employers can use it as their Payroll Card!!!


More information regarding Revv Account itself will be shared. Bullet points will be created, banking perks, fees, everything will be charted out and shared with us shortly as well.

Can earn commission on original plastic debit card and affiliate monthly fees prior to the Revvcard being received, and we will be paid the commission on the sale of the cards once they ship.



Let’s use the card to receive discounts and show others how to do the same, all while receiving a "REVENUE SHARE" of actual merchant fees.

1- People will either want to become a Charter Member or a Customer

The RevvCard will retail for $150 for customers ONLY

The RevvCard will cost Charter Members $99

If you sell a $150 RevvCard, whether you are a customer or Charter Member, you will receive $25.

If you are a Charter Member, you will receive $25 and $1.00 ($10.00 will be paid up 10 TIERS)

Customers pay $0/month but can only receive commission on their customers, no one else.

That is their customer’s initial purchase of the card: $25 and 1/10th of 1% on their customer's card purchases.

Charter Members, receive A LOT MORE!

Can you imagine becoming a Charter Member, unlocking all 10 TIERS and learning how to flood your business with customers on top of it?

You will also receive the commission on swipes! More on the Comp Plan later.


Our list of 600,000 Merchant Partners is a fraction of what it will be. It has already grown and will continue to do so.

You will also see how much money you saved just by using the RevvCard. No one will think about paying $35/month as a Charter Member when they see what they are saving!


You will be paid by saving your team money. That is incentive to teach your team to use the card.

Those bonuses and thresholds will be announced shortly.

Our mantra is Save, Manage, Make!



Research Reg A Plus, a new law that you should all be thrilled about. We will all have an opportunity to own stock in the bank, whether or not we are an accredited investor!


Links and first corporate video out next week (Most Likely).

Charter Member Fees collected in May and first commission run paid in May!

R Network FAQ

1. Is there an age limit on who can join as a chartered member? 18

2. Is there an age limit on who can open a FREE member account and purchase a REVV card? No.

3. How much cash will be required as a minimum deposit to open a chartered member account? $0

4. How much cash will be required as a minimum deposit to open a FREE member account? $0

5. If a subordinate CREDIT card is loaded onto the REVV card and subsequently used to make a purchase, will the participating merchant discount associated with using the REVV card still be applied to the purchase? Yes

6. If a subordinate DEBIT card is loaded onto the REVV card and subsequently used to make a purchase, will the participating merchant discount associated with using the REVV card still be applied to the purchase? Yes

7. Will a REVV card/account holder be able to internally transfer funds from his/her account to the account of another account holder [with the proper permissions, of course]? Yes

8. Will we be able to have wallets of Foreign Currencies in our new accounts? Not yet.

9. Will there be an option of people using Kala to buy the cards at some point in the [hopefully] relatively near future? Yes, after launch.

10. In the future plans to use Kala as a source of wealth, will we have to establish a separate Kala wallet in the new account and maintain a balance therein to use that feature when it becomes available? Yes.

11. Will we be able to see the balance in our Kala wallet or other crypto or foreign currency wallets in the account view? Yes.

12. When we get to the HyperExchange stage, will we have to establish separate wallets in our account for each crypto that we wish to utilize? That will be built in.

13. Will we be able to have joint accounts with multiple cards accessing one account? Yes.

14. In the application of the R Network, can you add other bank accounts, for example that you have in Bolivia or other countries and when you add them, can you pass your commissions to those accounts and charge them with your own cards? That is a future development.

15. Is the name of the R Network app known? There are two apps, the banking/discount app and the downline/structure app. They will be named when they are released.

16. When registering a person in the R Network, the cards are issued at once or they are only issued until people decide to request the card? They have to be ordered.

17. Will international accounts have extra fees? It is not an international account. It is a US account and all fees are the same.

18. Does the card have charges for card handling or what fees does the use of the card generate? We will need to wait for the bank to launch and provide those details.

19. What are the fees for the transactions with the card, is the same charge for both the plastic card and the Revv Card? Will have to wait to hear from the bank. It will be the same on both cards.

20. What economic benefit do I have of using my debit and credit cards within the Revv Card? You get the discounts at the 300k vendors.

21. If I join for free to have the account and ask for the plastic card, do I have any benefit in using the card without having to have free referrals or, would the benefit only be to receive commissions if I have free referrals? The main benefit is the discounts.

22. Is it sure that we can purchase with the card and get discounts on the sites that are mentioned in any country? Is the discount only with the Revv Card or also with the plastic card? Discounts are available in other countries with the vendors listed. The discounts are made available with the app or the Revv card.

23. At what time can the plastic card be ordered? In the next 90 days.

24. During the 90 days of prelaunch, do you pay the 35 dollars each month? Yes.

25. What can I answer when asked about the name of the bank or bank company, security, reliability, support and legality? Is there a place where there is that official information that people can turn to? That will be released in the next few weeks.

26. Will the virtual card be sent at the time of registration? That will happen once the bank account is ready.

27. Can non-profit foundations and associations be registered to be part of the matrix? Not yet. That will be introduced at a later time.

Comp Plan

During prelaunch:

Enrollees 1 to 3. $10 to company. $10 to enroller. $15 to TBS

Enrollees 4 to 10 (or more). $10 to company. $25 to TBS

After prelaunch:

Enrollees 1 to 3. $15 to company. $10 to enroller. $10 to TBS.

Enrollees 4 to 10 (or more). $15 to company. $20 to TBS.

Founders Club bonus. 10 in the PEN. Extra $5 to TBS ($15 for 1 to 3 and $25 for 4 - 10). Other cool things to be announced. Only available during the first year or so.

Revv Card for free customers, $150, $25 to enroller, $10 to the TBS.

Revv Card for charter members, $99. Only $10 to TBS.


*TBS - Team Building Structure

*PEN - Personally Enrolled Network

*TIER - Level, Stage, Row

*CUSTOMER/MEMBER - A bank customer

*CHARTER MEMBER - Member who has at least 10 customers and pays a one time $30 and $35/month

*10 BASIS POINTS - 1/10th of 1%

*DEBIT - Charge made against your Revv Account


(DYNAMIC COMPRESSION - The plan pays up 10 levels no matter what, even if people have not unlocked all 10 levels (Means potential to be paid on more than 10 levels)

This is a 3X10 Forced Matrix with Dynamic Compression.

-Every customer will be pay up the tree (TBS). They will not show up on the matrix until they become a Charter Member, but they will pay up the TBS. So the commission is there for YOU (Charter Member), and their position in the Matrix will be locked once they become a Charter Member. That is added incentive for them to do it as quickly as they can. Customer swipes or card purchases pay 1/10th to the enroller and then 9 levels up the TBS

-You will receive a commission on every customer you refer even if you are NOT a Charter Member (If they swipe and save, you get paid),

-In order to become a Charter Member and receive commission on customers below your customers, either their customers or spillover from above, you need to become a Charter Member by referring at least 10 customers and paying a one time payment of $30 and $35/month (You will then be paid on the TBS, and not just on your customers). Note: during prelaunch, the 10 customer requirement is waived as customers will not be able to enroll until after launch.

-For every Charter Member you refer, you will unlock 1 TIER on the Matrix. There are a total of 10 TIERS:

TIER 1 - 3 Members

TIER 2 - 9 Members

TIER 3 - 27 Members

TIER 4 - 81 Members

TIER 5 - 243 Members

TIER 6 - 729 Members

TIER 7 - 2,187 Members

TIER 8 - 6,561 Members

TIER 9 - 19,683 Members

TIER 10 - 59,049 Members

Once you have one Charter Member, you will receive TIER 1 payouts on top of what you already earn on your direct customers.

Once you have two Charter Members, you will receive TIER 2 payouts on top of what you already earn on your direct customers. Follow this same trajectory down 10 TIERS. 10 Charter Members means you have unlocked all 10 TIERS.



See Below:


During the pre-launch stage only - appx 90 - 120 days, members will be Charter Members without having to first refer 10 customers! - They will all be added as Charter Members for the initial $30 and $35/month and be grandfathered in moving forward.

This means getting 10 Charter Members just became much easier for anyone who signs up prior to launch (The Revv Cards being delivered).


10 basis points for every debit swipe or charge made to the debit card. Also any house payment (mortgage or rent) made through their Revv Bank Account.

That is 1% to be paid up 10 TIERS of the TBS (1/10th of 1% per level).

You will also be paid $1 per card sold in the TBS - IF you sell a card to a customer, not Charter Member, but Customer - you will earn a one-time payment of $25.00.

Charter Members will pay $99.00 for a card, while customers will pay $150. The seller will receive $25 and $10 will be paid up the TBS!

You will be able to add customers after the pre-launch.

Only Charter Members will be added in the pre-launch stage.

With the R Network Rewards program there will also be surveys, videos, app downloads, and so on that members can complete or watch to earn money towards the cost of their card, or really whatever they want to use it for. This will pay out a certain amount to the individual doing the activity and a smaller amount will be paid out in the TBS. How much is to be determined.

The Ranks in R Network will be based on savings. As your team grows and the savings add up, once you reach a certain threshold of total savings, you will rank up.

In summary, anyone who wants to save will use their card. Anyone who wants to earn commission will refer customers.

Anyone who wants to earn insane commissions will become a Charter Member and helps others do the same!

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