posted on: 8/11/2011 5:07:32 PM EST
Magic is in the Air!!
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Wow Magic is in the Air.... Everywhere I look around.....
I have this Feeling, you know this magical Feeling that something good is just around the Corner??...

Have you ever had that Feeling?? Then you sure understand that this is a Must Have or should I say a 'Must be in right now'... Opportunity...

Now let me start with Introducing myself a little here and how I got into ISMmagic!
My Name is Filomena Adefarakan and I am a Mother of 5. I am a Freelance Writer and got involved with Affiliate Marketing and Social Networking for the past 2 Years now.
I have met the Owner of ISmmagic Russell Chapman and his Co Producers Penny Cannon and Ed Blount on another Social Network Site called Swom and I have been invited to this Opportunity from the Owner himself. I can't tell you how privileged I feel to be part of this as I have come to know these 3 Special People over the Past year now and have learned so much from them over there.

Now Ismmagic is a Social Network Site for all People with different experiences. They have 3 Levels of Memberships and also have different Facilities for Members to use. Even the Free Members will have the Opportunity to earn there. With that they will be able to upgrade and not pay anything out of Pocket.
Now the Best thing of all is they have a Standard 4x5 Matrix for all Members and also a 4x9 Midas Matrix for the Full Members which makes this even more interesting.
Now tell me have you got that Feeling?? You know that Magical Feeling ??
Be part of this Magical Experience and come and Join us over there!!!

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