posted on: 9/12/2011 6:05:33 PM EST
Ricochet Riches! The Advertising Network that Pays You!!
Advertising Network, Passive Income Generator,

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After being a while with JSS Tripler and waiting for their Restart Feature I was offered to be part of Ricochet Riches.
To be honest I was a bit reluctant at First but when my Special Swom Friend Ed Blount posted one of his Promotions at ISMmagic I thought: ' Let me have a Look at this and see what they got to offer me! ' So I checked it out and was actually kind of surprised when I saw what they offer there.
Ricochet Riches is a Marketing Program with a Passive Income Generator. Kind of like JSS Tripler but with the Possibility to use it as a Marketing Platform. Is that not great??? Well it sure sounds good to me!! Now let me share some Facts of this powerful Marketing Platform.

What do they offer??

- Purchase $10 per Ad Unit or Position
- Earn 2% PASSIVE INCOME daily on ALL Purchases
- Earn 10% of all Unit Purchases made by your Direct Referral
- Earn 5% of all Unit Purchases made by your 2nd Level Referrals
- NO SPONSORING REQUIRED! You don't need to refer to earn!

This of Course is not all Ricochet Riches offers their Members!! This Powerful Marketing Network offers so much more.

See a List of all you get when you join:

- 100 Mailing Credits when you register
- 50 Mailing Credits for each Referral

For each Position you Purchase you get the following:

- 2500 Text Ad Credits
- 2500 Banner Ad Credits
- 2500 Side Banner Impressions
- 500 Mail Credits

Now ask yourself if this is something you want to pass by or is it worth your Time ?
Don't just cross your Fingers and hope for the Best!! Come and join us in this fantastic Advertising Network that Pays You!!
Make Wealth happen with Ricochet Riches!!
No more wishful Thinking , get on Board and start Earning Passive daily Income now!! Come and check it out yourself here !!

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