posted on: 9/26/2011 10:15:42 AM EST
My ISMmagic Video is reday... !!!
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Today I thought I come and share with you the Special Reward I received from a Member at ISMmagic for upgrading my Membership....

It is actually on a Special Offer for the first 100 Members who upgraded their Membership at ISMmagic to Wizard..
I can not even tell you how excited I was when I saw the Mail Yesterday from Craig Lindfield who is creating these Videos for us Wizards at ISMmagic. I had to go and share it all over the Internet as I just find the Videos he is making awesome... ;))

Well to be honest when I checked out on the Special Offer Page I was not expecting my Video this soon as on the Page it said that I would get it by the 1 October, now you can imagine how surprised I was yesterday.. ;) It sure put a big Smile on my Face and I can't even express how thankful I am to Craig for doing this for us Members there.

As I mentioned before it is for all Members who upgrade their Membership to Wizard and only 100 Videos are available. so if you are going to check out my Video and you like what you see you can have your own made if you hurry up!! Remember it is only available for the first 100 Members... ;)

The Video can be found on YouTube ==>
I also posted it here on my Profile for you to have a Look.. ;)

If you have not heard of ISMmagic yet why not come and check us out. Us Wizards and Magicians are having loads of Fun with our Spells and Magical Dust and surely our Promotions over there... If you have heard of us and feel like you want to give it a Try for free just join my Team of Wizards and Magicians @ ISMmagic. You sure will find soon that we are a funny Bunch to hang around with.. ;))

One more Thing before I forget ==> Even Free Members will be paid so you do not pay anything out of your Pocket unless you want the Video of Course before they are all gone...
as only Wizards can get the Video!!

See you there!!

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Sharee Johnson-Cammon   1516 day(s) ago
Hi Filomena! Hope all is well! Haven't seen you on here in a while! Great Post about ISM Magic! Wishing you much success..and sharing this :)

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