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Comparison of AddWallet and Alive Matrix
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Hello Everyone!

In this post I want to review two programs that I think are some of the lowest risk/highest reward probabilities available. I put my own money into these programs based on my own personal criterion. So if I think the reward is worth the risk, I take it.

AddWallet - This one has been progressing along very nicely. Doing things professionally, improving the site, paying predictably every day. Actually the daily interest rate fluctuates a bit, as they say it is related to the profits of the day before. I started an excel file to keep track of the daily rate, and the highest has been in the 13 days I have been paid is 1.61%. The lowest has been 1.19%. The trend seems to be up. I keep a 7 day running average which is currently at 1.47%. Just this week, they announced that the Add Units would pay for 120 days instead of 90 days! This is huge news! Let's look at some math. Actually let's look at the results of the math as the math itself might fill my blog posts for the next several months.
I will compare the 90 day expiry to the 120 and use $1000 as an easy math entry. Assuming 100% repurchasing and 1.47% average payment they will both be equal of course, until the 90th day where the $1000 will have grown to $3897 (worth of points). On the 120th day we have 3717 vs 4744. WOW!! 180th day is 5312 vs 9272. Huge difference!
In addition, everyone is very impressed with the advertising. Most members at the $10/mo Silver rank are getting 40-50 site views per day! So at the minimum of 40 times 30 days, that is 1200 site views monthly for only $10! I am definitely concerned with the profit share side of things, but I like it that the product stands alone as a very good buy.
Join for free ASAP to get a good matrix position:
Alive Matrix – This is the one that is paying me the most so I cannot help but like it the most. I have been in it since September 3rd and am quite happy with this one. They have quite a few rules and restrictions and the reason is longevity. If you are new and cautious, this is definitively the place to start. For the first 90 days they pay 13% per week. 2% for the 5 weekdays, and 1.5% for the weekend days. After 90 days to get paid on weekends you must have 4 active personal referrals. But let's assume that you do and for fun compare it to the math results in the program above. Because this one uses a different strategy. AddWallet is paying a slightly lower rate than most PS programs for a longer time. Alive Matrix is using a higher interest rate for a shorter time (81 days). Before you read the answers, think about it. How do you think they will compare?
At 90 days 3760 (3897). 120 days we have 5450 (4744), and 180 days 10,031 (9272). Surprised? I was. That is why I run numbers and don't just make my decisions on emotion and hype. What I think is brilliant here is that most agents will not recruit 4 and will be getting paid less. But 10% per week is still very good. Like I said, a good place to start but don't join until you are ready to fund as the 90 day clock starts ticking:
Hope you found that interesting. Tomorrow I will compare two others that I believe have very solid business plans.

Stay tuned......

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