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Learn how to use TrafficWave as both – a business and a tool to max your earnings!
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Learn how to use TrafficWave as both – a business and a tool to max your earnings!

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Step 2 Set up Your Followup System
Without a follow up system, you will never get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th… contact with the same person, which means that you will be leaving 98% of potential sales to someone else. : (
Your main follow up tool will be your TrafficWave autoresponder, which will have your email series in it. You also need to watch your inbox for replies to your autoresponder emails, because that is one way your leads will use to ask you for more information. Your referrals may need help or have a question, and if they cannot get an answer from you, then they are more likely to drop out of your downline. Sometimes people don’t understand things right away, and need a little bit of help to get going.
Your second follow up tool is your Blog or website, similar to this one. You can send your subscribers to pages on your website or blog for training or resources. And you can put your blog or website link in your email signatures without being accused of spamming, because hey, it’s just your website link isn’t it? Which makes it a great way to promote yourself without having to promote.
It is also good to have a Contact Us link or a Help Desk on your blog or website, and a Skype contact if you are open to connecting with people that way.
To set up your followup system in TrafficWave, you will need to first create a campaign. Each campaign has it’s own set of emails and it’s own opt in form.

Step 3
Create your Squeeze page

Squeeze Pages
Your squeeze page (or sales page) is a super-important part of your business. It will attract prospects to your offer, and turn them into leads.
I like to make my own squeeze pages for most of my promotions, because that is the only way to stand out and be unique. Traffic exchange surfers and safelist users are surrounded by ads, and after they see the same page a hundred times they no longer pay attention. Don’t make the mistake of just using whatever squeeze page you are given by a program owner, unless the program is brand new or not very well known.
You need to have your name and photo on your squeeze page, for branding. Once people start to recognize you and see some of your offers, they will be more likely to pay attention when you come out with something new. And they will be more likely to trust what you offer, since you are not afraid to put your name and face with it.
You need to have a catchy main headline, perhaps a sub-headline, and a few short bullet points about your offer.
You need to know what you are offering, and how it will help your prospects:

What are people looking for?
What are they missing out on?
How can you bridge the gap?
Don’t try to explain your whole offer on your squeeze page. Just say enough to make people want to enter their email address in your opt in box.
To add your opt in form to your squeeze page, you will need to get your form code from TrafficWave. You will see a video about that at the bottom of this page.
Keep most of the information and the opt in form above the fold (so they can see it without scrolling down). If you have a longer story to tell, make sure your main eye catching points are above the fold.
You can make your own squeeze pages in several different ways, here are some:

TEToolbox - has a splash and squeeze page maker which you can use even as a free member. They host the squeeze page for you, and if you use the Easy version then it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks.
AdKreator – you’ll need to upgrade to create a squeeze page here, but you can create an endless variety of unique designs, and they host it for you. You can also download the designs to host on your own site. Can be confusing for a newbie, but definitely worth it if you like to make unique designs.
* Affiliate Tool Box Besides giving you tracking tools for 25 links, you can make 3 squeeze
pages. for free.

Step 4
Get Leads. You can get leads from Traffic Exchanges and safelist.
These are some traffic Exchanges that I use
and safelists
Once you put all that together, you will have your own TrafficWave Success Machine

Once you put all that together, you will have your own TrafficWave Success Machine!

Need Help? - Use the Contact tab below..

Why TrafficWave?
It suprised me recently that so many people knew about Aweber and GetResponse but had never heard of TrafficWave which provides a flat-rate, quality service with deliveriblilty equal to that of the others as well as a proven affiliate program to provide an income stream that has been around since 2000.

TrafficWave is an awesome business opportunity. You get $17.95 each time you refer a new paying member, plus monthly income in the 3x10 matrix from all your referrals, plus leadership bonuses.

TrafficWave is an awesome business tool, with unlimited lists and subscribers for the same monthly fee, it never goes up!Turn TrafficWave Into Your Newfie Cash Machine:

Awesome Business Opportunity: Get $17.95 each time you refer a new paying member, plus monthly income in the 3x10 matrix, plus leadership bonuses.
Awesome Business Tool: Unlimited lists and subscribers for the same monthly fee, it never goes up!
Awesome System: Learn how to use TrafficWave as both a business and a tool to max your earnings!

Get FREE ACCESS to my TRAFFICWAVE system now! Just sign up Here

P.S. If quitting TrafficWave was the dumbest thing you ever did then this is your chance to do it right! Training Videos Click on the website link to get access

How To Create A New AutoResponder Campaign (1:40)
How To Create A Custom Confirmation Message (1:27)
How To Create A Follow-Up Message (4:18)
How To Use Campaign Chaining (1:32)
How To Add Subscription Forms To Your Own Web Site (3:49)

AdTracker Videos:

How To Create A New AdTracker URL (1:31)

Affiliate Videos:

How To View Affiliate Commissions (2:21)

How To Set Up a Video Capture Page for Surf Exchanges (unavailable)just now

Triump with Your Biz Op!

Now that you have your awesome autoresponder, use it to build up your referrals in your business opportunities.

Here are some ways to do this:

1. Mention the benefits of your business in emails to your other lists (like your TrafficWave leads list).

2. Write an informational series of emails about your business opportunity, and use a squeeze page with an interesting angle to get people to sign up for more information.

3. Offer a free gift to get people on your list, then market your business to them.

The Perfect opportunity! GDI

A free Automated Marketing system! EasyDownLines

The Best Value for money autoresponder in the market place.
Want to SEE how TrafficWave can AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS?

Watch this webinar recording!

Click on the website link to get to see the videos, an active links,
teaching you how to use Trafficwave to your advantage.

To your success

Frances Buchanan

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