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Why in the world would anyone want to be a Networker?
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Here's how we see it...
Our favorite part of network marketing is the lifestyle we can live. It is possible to actually live the life of a millionaire and catch this, you don't have to earn the million pounds first.
By creating a recurring income, you can actually live the "Lifestyle of The Rich & Famous" and have it with less stress and more freedom.
Please, keep in mind that recurring income is very different than linear income.

You see, linear income continues only as long as you continue the work. If you are a surgeon, you get paid whenever you perform a surgery; don't perform a surgery, don't get paid. If you are a construction worker, you get paid when you work; don't work for the next 12 months, chances are your employer is not going to pay you. If you drive a bus, you get paid when you drive; quit driving buses, you quit getting paid.

That's how linear income works. You receive income when you work. When you stop working, the income stops coming.

Recurring income is different. The best way to describe recurring income is that by doing something right just one time, you get paid over and over again for what you did.
Put another way, understand the difference between linear and recurring bills? A linear bill, for example, would be purchasing a television or microwave oven - one payment and the thing lasts for years. Recurring bills are the ones you get every month - telephone, electricity, cable, mortgage, car payment. Would it be OK if you had a recurring income to handle those recurring bills?

Example: Elvis recorded "Love Me Tender" in 1956. Every time it plays on the radio somewhere in the world, Lisa Marie gets a little royalty. Even though Elvis recorded that song over fifty years ago, every month Lisa Marie receives a royalty check from people who play his tune. Elvis did it right one time and now Lisa Marie collects every month.

You will learn how you can live like a millionaire before you become a millionaire if you apply what you learn from the Utility Warehouse System.

In all of life You only get paid for what you DO, not for what you know. However, you have to learn WHAT to do and HOW to do it Right -- BEFORE you can get paid for doing it Successfully. You won't be paid anything if you can not do something correctly. Would you want to have your house built by someone who does not know how to build houses? Would you want to be treated by an untrained doctor?

So, you get paid for what you do if you know how to do it correctly. This is just as true in Network Marketing as it is anywhere else. And there is another factor to consider. The more people you serve the more you get paid. This is true in Network Marketing and elsewhere.

Imagine how much a teacher would be paid if a teacher were paid a small percentage of each student's earnings every year once that student started working. Now imagine that same teacher receiving that little bit of income from each and every former student for as long as that former student worked and earned an income even after the teacher stopped teaching. That would be a form of recurring income for the teacher.

Another form of recurring income is the interest payments a bank will pay you on your savings account. If you could find a bank that would pay you a 4% interest rate on your savings, you would have to have £3,000,000 in your savings account to receive a recurring income of £10,000 per month.

Is it going to be easier for you to save £3,000,000 out of the linear income from your job? Or is it going to be easier for you to build a Network Marketing business to earn £10,000 per month. That depends on the compensation plan of your Nework Marketing company and their contract with you that specifies what you have to do to be paid and on what you do correctly and how well you do it. So, understanding your company's compensation plan and their contract requirements are critical first steps to your success.

If you could put £4,400 after taxes into your 4% savings account every month without fail, it will take you 30 years to save £3,000,000 provided that you pay the taxes on the interest payments so that all of the interest payments stay in your savings account and continue to compound. In a good Network Marketing company you should be able to reach the £10,000 per month income level or higher in two to ten years depending on the company and your level of work. Only you know the answer to which way is going to be easier for you.

Here is how.

First, realize the power of recurring income. You do the work once and it keeps coming in month after month. As long as customers keep buying your products you get paid. And you do not have to re-sell those customers over again each and every month. What a concept!

So, here's how to get the millionaire lifestyle. As you begin to build your Network Marketing Team, little commission checks start to show up in your mailbox each month. Then each month those commission checks grow in relation to the total product volume your Team is creating -- this is that extra income you've been looking for. Now, rather than spend your extra income on the current object of your desire, You take that extra income and start paying off your debt.

Once you become debt free (No mortgage, No car note, No large Credit Card balances, No time payments at all) and let's say your check now is at £10,000 a month, Guess What?, you can use that recurring income for what ever you want. Travel, new car, braces for the kids or taking your spouse on wonderful weekend get-a-ways. Now do you see, when you are making £10,000 pounds a month in recurring income, how it's like having three million pounds in the bank earning at 4% interest?

Well maybe you are saying, "I don't know what kind of math you are using, but my math tells me that's £120,000 pounds a year; so where is the three million dollars?"

Okay, here it is: This is £10,000 pounds a month in recurring income. For you to receive £10,000 a month in income that keeps coming in whether you get up and go to work or instead go enjoy the beach with your family, you would have to put £3,000,000 into an investment that gave you a 4% return!
Now, my question to You is, "how many people do you know that can go to the bank and put three million pounds into their account?" My answer is probably the same as yours, "very few."
In network marketing, it's easier to produce £10,000 pounds a month than it is to come up with the £3,000,000 pounds to invest at a 4% return.

An average part-time person in network marketing can truly have the "Lifestyle Of The Rich and Famous." It can be done in 2 to 10 years depending on the effort You apply. You just need to be coachable.

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