info current as of: 2/6/2016
Global ViP Team UK
Position: Co-Founder

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Who Are We & Why Work With Us?
The Global ViP Team is an alliance of top international network marketers who have come together to take advantage of the international expansion plans of the No.1 Direct selling company in the US. Our team consists of multi-millionaire earners in our
industry who’ve had significant success globally and, importantly, have achieved this outside of North America in the UK, Europe and Asia. One of our leaders has developed teams of over 100,000 people, reaching incomes of US$160,000 monthly and earning over $15 Million dollars in the industry.
What this all means to you is as a team we have the experience and knowledge to guide and mentor you and your team to the highest levels of success in your business you are looking to achieve. Together we have built teams of thousands of people in places such as the UK, Europe, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong,
Taiwan, India and Australia, many of whom will be joining the Global ViP Team with us when they begin to open these markets in the next few years. You are positioned for a growth explosion in your business as many of these international leaders will be positioned in our existing UK teams.