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Special IBO Training: Make A Killing Working an Hour A Day!

Published on 1/24/2019
For additional information  Click Here



Special IBO Training: Make A Killing Working an Hour A Day! 

The following post is meant to be 'Special'.

My intent is that you will be find that you can use part or all of what
will be revealed for your own business, home business, product,
opportunity, etc. 

Recently I posted an IBO PR "Discover The Free ZERO Effort Way To Earn!"

The post is about a new web browser that it faster and makes you money while
doing what you are already doing on the Internet.  It is also about  how

YOU can plugin whatever you are offering!

The reason for the lengthiness of this post is due to the fact 
that I am including training and resources that will allow you to see good money
and only invest an hour a day with NO out of pocket expense.

The Following Information Should Be A Perfect Fit
For Your Business, Product or Opportunity!

I repeat, the following content...explanations, marketing process, and training, 
will work for almost any product or opportunity...not just read on. 
You are welcome to use and adapt the following for your own purposes. 

Need to Bookmark this page?  Hit ctrl and D keys.

I try nearly every product and strategy that I promote, and I can assure you that
you will love what you are about to discover. 
I tried this strategy many years ago and have used it ever since.

YA, BUT!  

YA, But!   You are too busy. 
Most of us are busy, I understand. But you and I owe it to ourselves to not miss out!

DO NOT jump into anything blind, so how about letting me do the research
for you!   Review the research and go from there.

Research is a part of what I do, so allow me to share a few eye opening
facts and conclusions.  Allow me to shed some light on the product.
CryptoTab Browser and how to market it.  

See the source image


What are others saying?  Most People Like CryptoTab Browser based on reviews. 

Cryptotab Browser Reviews

Market Research

The Market Research is STAGGERING!

net usage
wrold wide

World Internet Usage is exploding at an average of over 55% per year. 
With over 4.2 Billion Internet Users, the sky is the limit.

Can't Wait To Join?  Click Here.


Per CryptoTab Browser:

ctb income levles


If your opportunity is based on duplication and residual income,
the following will help you to understand its enormous potential
as well as how to share that information with others.

Whenever you see DUPLICATION and  RESIDUAL INCOME in any income opportunity,
these are ways to 'leverage' your efforts. 

You and I can only do so much, but when we can multiply ourselves through others,
this is called duplication.  When we can earn from our own efforts and others' efforts
month after month this is called RESIDUAL INCOME. 

Some residual income opportunities such as CryptoTab Browser have no limit as to
how long you will earn...I call this infinite income!  Of course, the income is not infinite
but it certainly can be long term and will continue as long as your referral keeps using
the product. 

Ongoing income is true residual income, the kind that you want an opportunity to provide,

CryptoTab Browser offers BOTH! 

Duplication and residual income opportunities are what make dreams come true. 
This kind of financial leverage can mean financial independence.
Linear Income offers neither!  Your JOB provides linear income. 

So you should jump at this opportunity...right?  Yes... but...Not just yet.
There is more that you need to know. 


What You Are NOT Being Told!

ALONE, you will not make much money.   This is not only true of your
 CryptoTab Browser (CTB) opportunity, it is true of most Network Marketing ventures. 

If you Download CryptoTab Browser, and you should, simply because it is 8X faster,
you will make money.  You will be paid to browse, you do that anyway, so switching browsers,
even if you never refer anyone, still makes sense. 

But I remind you that switching to CTB is an easy change, is faster, and free.
These facts simple add up to making it easy to get referrals should you decide to do so. 

I want to impress upon you that ALONE, you will not make much money, not much at all...
alone you will make a few cents per day, for me, personally, about 3 cents per day. 
That is about $.90 per month that you and I were not making before. 

My personal experience with CTB:

I am much happier with the browser, because it is significantly faster and the switching
was a dream rather than a nightmare, so I am not going to argue with being paid to browse...
but $.90 a month is about all you will see, if you do not refer others.

education is
your tiket out of poverty happy people

Where is the money with CTB? 

In the referrals! 

The income calculator that CryptoTab has on your dashboard, can turn 5 referrals
into $40+K per month.  The fact is that not all 5 of my referrals are going to bring
in 5 and so on down the line.   I do, however, see the possibility of a snow ball effect!  
You will too!  Please read on.   

How do you create a snowball effect?

Here is what is going to happen!  (based on my experience and opinion).

My experience is that 1 in 9 will build their own home business, 8 in 9 will be customers,
which nets out to 11% or 11 out of 100 that will build their business. 
The Network Marketing industry statistics show that 3 to 5% or 3 to 5 out of 100 will build their business. 

My personal experience is a 95.5% retention rate.  CTB is a great browser, it is free, and it is easy,
and works on Firefox and Chrome or by itself, so about the only difference is increased speed,
so I doubt that retention is going to be a problem.  I am hoping for a near 100% retention rate...
let's allow for 95%.

Worst Scenario As To What is Going To Happen

I can predict with almost certainty (again, based on my experience) that probably 10% or better
will add referrals and therefore grow their CryptoTab business.  Why am I so optimistic? 
It is free and it is better, therefore it is easy to give away.

How You And Are Going To Be Different!

The real advantage for those that I introduce to CryptoTab is that I will do my best to make sure
that anyone that I bring into CryptoTab (any anyone that they bring in and on down the line)
will clearly understand that the money is in the REFERRALS! 

But...BRINGING IN REFERRALS is a real obstacle, right? 


Not if you will try the following. 
You are about to discover  HOW TO easily bring in referrals. 
as well as being reminded to impress on all referrals the importance
of passing along how important referrals are.

Allow me to repeat:
#1:  Make it cleat that the money is in the referrals
#2:  Share an easy referral strategy (see below)
#3:  Strongly Urge Everyone to include steps #1 and #2 when presenting CTB

Click Here to get started with CTB now!

See the source image

Putting A Pencil To It!??
There are many ways to promote CryptoTab, but a fast and simple option is to use free
classified advertising, 

Old ZeekRewards people made a killing by posting just a few classified ads daily.  
You can begin using this strategy manually, then upgrade to an automatic ad submitter later.

How You Too Can Make A Killing

With Free Classified Ads.

For 30 days (or more) write 2 to 4 ads per day and submit those ads. 
Ad writing time, perhaps 30 minutes,  manual ad submission should
take about 5 to 10 minutes. 

So let's say you invest 40 minutes, for 30 days, (creating and submitting ads)
and 10 minutes per day, thereafter (submitting ads).

In your ads, you can use the landing page links provided by CryptoTab. 
I suggest that you provide a link to a landing page that you prepare. 
Use your landing page to spell out much of what you see here in this post
with links to CryptoTab...especially the HOW TO.  Of course, you can also
use this strategy for email campaigns, thus your landing page will be an
email capture page (squeeze page).

You will get much better results by informing, educating and training and motivating your referrals. 
As I said before, the money is in the REFERRALS. Impress this fact in the minds of your referrals
and help them to impress the same fact in their referral's mind. 

Then share one or more ways (training) on how to accomplish this goal. 
Classified Ads are simple, quick, and easy, so anyone can do this. 
The bottom line is that you are providing your referrals with a marketing strategy that they can do. 
The idea is to make things easy so that anyone can 'duplicate' your actions.   

man laying
in field of flowers

Show Me The Money!

Let's say you submit 4 classified ads per day, I assure you that 4 ads is easy. 
FYI:  With CTB, you and I have no limitations on where we advertise just as
long as we comply with the CryptoTab Terms Of Use. 

My ad response, which is no indication of what yours will be, is about 10 to 30
visits per ad per month and often 100 or more. My conversion rates are typically
1 to 2%.   Keeping our estimates LOW, let's guess that you and I will only
get 10 visits per ad per month.  I believe that in certain countries, ad response
will be much much higher, but let's go with 10 visits per month.

At only 4 ads per day, that means that you and I can grow at the rate of about
1200 visits per month (NOT referrals...visits).  That is not very many and you
should get more.  A 1% conversion rate (which I feel is also low) means that
you will gain about 12 referrals per month.    An ad submitter will change
all this, but let's continue manual submission and with a minimal amount for now.

Here is what is about to happen for me and you (should you join CTB and refer others).  
Probably about one in ten or 10 out of 100 will build their referrals and thus their business.
But let's use 3 out of 100 (the lowest industry average) for calculating. 

At this minimal rate, you and I should have about 100 referrals in 8 months,
with 5% attrition we should have about 108 referrals in 9 months, less 6  for
attrition at 5 %, or 102 referrals. 

Less than a half cent a day!???

You and I will earn 15% of what they earn...if they earn 3 cents per day, we will earn
about .45 cents per day per referral.  102 referrals means almost $,46 per day residual
income.  This adds up to $13.77 per month plus our $.90 from our own mining...

WOW...$14.67 per month. 

$14.67 is not the kind of income that I want to see, I am sure you feel the same...BUT...
this income is residual...$14.67 is $176.04 per year and at a 5% yield which is considered high,
you and I will need $3520,80 in savings to generate this much income!   Maybe this is not
so bad for only 10 minutes a day (after month 1).

This residual income stuff is sounding a little bit better, but we a not even at $200 per month!

That figure seems dismal, but it is based on our investment for the first month of  less than
an hour per day and after the first month our investment is only about 10 minutes daily.

CTB is free, Click Here.

cat with paw
on forehead
A whole hour a day!  This had better be good!

Sooo....let's look at a full hour a day, everyday!

One full hour a day (7 hours/week):

A full hour a day means that in our first month, we will be adding 20 more minutes for ad submission, allowing us to send out about 12 ads per day.  In our second month and thereafter, our ads are already written so we can add 50 minutes more for ad submission, which means we can send out 24 ads per day.  All manually.  An hour a day of manual submission is tedious so that is why I upgrade to an ad submitter...several ad submitters until I found one that I like.

Month #1:  With a full hour a day, 12 ads per day should mean a minimum of 3600 visits for month one.  (12 ads x 10 visits per mo. times 30 days).  At a low 1% conversion, we should gain 36 referrals for our 1st months efforts.  If you have ad experience, I am sure that you will agree that these estimate are low. 

Month 2 and beyond (manually):  One hour per day should mean that we can submit at least 24 ad submissions per day  times 30 days  is 720 ads and at least 7200 visitors and 72 referrals per month. 

At 7 hours per week, in 9 months, you and I should have about 612 referrals less 5% attrition rate, yields about 581 referrals.  581 at about 4.5 cents per day means about $26.14 per day (not too bad for an hours work) times 30 days is about $784.34 per month plus your personal $.90 which is $785.24. 

Again, I remind you that this is RESIDUAL INCOME, so t is ongoing income!   This means that if you and I look another 9 months down the road, we can look forward to a residual income of about $745 (784.34 less 5% attrition) plus 615 additional referrals (648 more referrals less 5% attrition) which yields an added $27.67 per day times 30 days is $830.25 per 18 months we should be at $1577.05 per month which includes our $.90 per month. 

Our Level 1 Referral Income increase at about $745 per month every nine months, in other words...with the SAME EFFORT (an hour a day) through the power of duplication and residual income, our income should grow at the rate of about $82+ per month. Each and every month, we get an $82+ RAISE!

Of course, 14 hours a week will more than double this income and 21 hours a week will triple it. 

Although $46,000 per month is possible, it may be stretching things a bit initially.

Based on the above, $4600+ (at 21 hours per week) is achievable for just level one!  

OOOOHHHH!  Are we forgetting that there are TEN LEVELS?

dog want to
Training?  Who needs it?

The REAL World!  Level 2 and beyond.

IN the real world, refer 10 who refer 10 who refer 10, etc. does not happen. 
In my world, 11 out of 100 will grow their business, but let's stick with the industry's
lowest average of 3%.  This means that 97 out of 100 of your referrals and mine are
not going to do much if anything to bring in more referrals. 

I am gong to do everything that I can to improve that number...This post is an
indication of what I have in mind...and by sharing it with you and other potential
CryptoTab referrals, I intend to pass it along...but, again, let just look at using 3%.

A few will make up for all the rest.

If you know Network Marketing, you know that the following is what will happen. 
Just as in this post, most of our referrals are simply customers and are not going to
bring in referrals.  We also know that a few are going to grow their business...

and those few are going to make up for all the rest! 

The 3 out of 100 who do build their business,  will do like us (you and I) and bring
in hundreds or thousands or more referrals!  This is truth and law in Network Marketing. 
Your 2nd through 10th levels will grow.  Network Marketers know this. 

FYI:  At only 1 hour a day, you and I will still have at least 1200+ referrals in 18 months,
at 2 hours/day at least 2400 and 3600 at 3 hours/ day. 

We will have found at least 36, 73, or 108 people who WILL build their referrals like us,
 perhaps even more.  Levels 2 through 10 will fill up over time, it will happen.

girl on bike
at sunset
Are you doing what you want to be doing?

An Hour A Day Manually!

Looking more closely at Level 2 and beyond: 

Using the above example of investing an hour a day, you 

and I should be able to expect to have about 581 referrals in 9 months. 
If only 3% add referrals, we will have means that we will have found 17.4 people
who are going to build our next level.  That is about 1 for the first month and 2 thereafter. 

At the end of month one, this means that we have found one go-getter, then 2 more
go-getters each month! 

We need our eyes wide open and our ears wide open and our brain wide open!  You are I
and going to find 17 people to our downline that will be 17 more You's and I's...17 GO-GETTERS! 

Month one, we have found ONE, so in month two our 2nd level is going to begin to grow! 
Each moth, thereafter, we are going to add 2 Go-getters to our downline, our downline is
going to explode!   IN other words, these 17 people are going to work just as hard or harder
to do exactly what we are doing.  You and I have hit the Jackpot of Duplication! 

Let's say that your month one go-getter puts in an hour a day and gets similar results. 
In month 10, your month one Go-getter is where you were in month nine! 

What does this mean to you? 

It means that in month 10, your month one go-getter has put 581 referrals into your 2nd level! 
You earn 10% for level 2.  That is 10% X 581referrals x $.03 per day x 30 days or just
an extra $52.29 per month.


Let's not forget that that your go-getters, like you and I, are finding go-getters of their own,
who are building your 3rd level and beyond.  Each month after month one, you should be
finding at least 2 more people to grow your business working only an hour a day. 

The explosion happens because your two go-getters per month will be finding two of their
own or more, each month.

In month 11, you will have two go-getters from month 2 that will be building your 2nd level. 
Now you have $52.29 from your second level times three! 

Month 12...2nd level yields 5x $52.29   Month 13...7x. 14=9x...15=11x  16-13x.18=17x

Month 18 at one hour per week, now takes on a new and better look!  Instead of $1577 per month,
you and I will get an addition 17 x $52.29  ($888.93) from level 2 and 15 times $26.14 ($392.10)
from level 3 and so on down ten levels!  So your $1577 will be well over $3,000 per month
as your downline grows.

Do not miss out, begin now, Click Here!

girl jumping
in air in field

Is this for you?

What I have shared with you is easily duplicatable and DUPLICATION is a cornerstone
for financial success.  What I have shared has serious and limitless RESIDUAL INCOME,
the very best income of all! 

There are many many many ways to market CryptoTab Browser.  I am sharing the classified ads
strategy, because I believe that it is one of the easiest ways that ANYONE can use to market
and classified ads work. 


You and 4.2 Billion others will appreciate and enjoy a faster browser that pays them to browse. 
You can grow your referrals and your income with CryptoTab Browser or any other opportunity,
preferably one that offers duplication and residual income.  

Starting your own home business with zero money out of pocket is certainly worth considering. 
Growing a business can be difficult.  Being able to give away a valuable product that is better and
a product that pays you to use it....well, that seems hard to find and hard to beat...but that is what
you get with CryptoTab Browser. 

The problem that I see, I do not like the word problem, so allow me to say that the obstacle that
I see is that most people will download the browser and like it...but that is as far as it will go. 
Some are simply too busy or too lazy to build a serious income with this opportunity,
but most will WANT TO, but will not KNOW HOW. 

CryptoTab has an excellent dashboard with excellent promotional materials...but no training.

Training is what will give the 20% that actually want to and are willing to grow this business
a real chance for success.  Statistics say that 20% of us want success.  But only about 3 out
of those 20 will find their way.  Training does not guarantee success,
but it increases the odds by 367% based on my personal experience (11 out of 100 vs. 3 out of 100).

My conclusion is that you and I need to train people, to give them the KNOW HOW,
so that they can follow in our footsteps.  Not only give the KNOW HOW away freely along
with the browser, make it a point to insist of yourself that KNOW HOW will be a part of your
presentation and encourage others to feel the same. 

Click Here for your free browser. 

girl having
coffee on phone


Finding Free Classified Advertisers:

To Find Free Classified Advertising type "free classified advertising sites" into your Internet Browse...
correction...into your CryptoTab Browser.  You will find lists such as the following (sorry about no links...
it would be too many for IBO) 

Top 100    Free classified Ad posting website   
1    2
3    4
5    6    ebayclassifieds
7    8
9    10    classifiedads
11    31    Ivarta classifieds
12    Indialist    32    Digitalbhoomi-digital ads
13    Locanto    33 sell ads
14    34 classifieds
15    classifiedslive    35 ads
16    Rediff Classifieds    36 ads
17    Bechna    37    Goforads-free online ads
18    Khojle    38    Meramaal ad posting
19    Adpost    39    Indnav classified listing
20    Ddoos    40    Classifiedsden-free ad site
21    Vivastreet    41    Zopdy free classifieds
22    Webindia123    42 ad listings
23    43    Thisismyindia ads
24    44    Sulekha free listings
25    45    Ibibo advertising
26    46    Indiagrid online ads
27    47    salespider
28    48    Sify classifieds
29    Adeex    49
30    Whereincity    50    Adsmantra
51    52
53    54    chooseyouritem
55    56    Rajb2b
57    58    Indyapulse
59    60    Bupio
61    bestwayclassifieds    62
63    64    Dragg
65    Classifieds4me    66
67    Boostim    68
69    70    businesslist
71    Askht    72
73    74
75    Bizmartindia    76    Bharatpatal
77    78    Highlandclassifieds
79    Loyalmart    80    Mid-day
81    82
83    84
85    86
87    88    Kugli
89    90    Droik
91    92
93    94
95    96
97    98
99    Freeadvertisingzone    100

CryptoTab Browser Tutorial

I stopped manual submission shortly after realizing that free classified ads work, and went to free
ad submitters and then paid ad submitters.  My experience was that I was disappointed with
cheap ad submitters.  My favorite ad submitter software is from Becanada, a little more expensive,
but it makes ad submission a breeze.

To find free ad submission sites and software:  type "free ad submitter" or "free ad blaster"
into your browser.

Start manually as I did or with a free submitter, it will save you time.  Purchase a good ad submitter as soon as you are able. 

Automatic ad renewal is an Adlands Pro Option which sounds like a good option, but I strongly feel
that you want to change your ads on a regular basis.  That is why I suggest that you write at least 
2 to 4 ads daily for your first month.

using a laptop

Writing YOUR ADS!

 Ho Hum...GRAB your readers attention. 
Why Bring That Up?  Explain your offer
So What?  Ask or tell your reader to take action.

AD Subject Line Suggestions!  (Your Ho Hum)

How to turn an hour a day into $3k/month.
8 Times Faster Browser-free download
Give this away and make money.
Get Paid To Browse.
Free Bitcoin Income!
Bitcoin Lovers!
Give this an hour a day!
Zero Effort Income
Free Money!
Anyone Can do This!
Fix You Slow Browser!
Tired of your slow browser?

Tracking your ads. 

Tracking ads helps you to see which ads are working and which ads are not. 
Most link shorteners will track your urls for free.  You can also use tracking tools or software. 
Hubspot is an example:

Cryptocurrency 101 Training Videos:

If you are new to Bitcoins, click here for four free training videos. 
The videos come with full resell rights. 
You can use them for emails, downline, recruiting, etc.

The above information and marketing strategy will work for Clickbank,
JVZoo, LeadsLeap, WorldProfits, CryptoTabs, and almost any other option
including your website(s) and Internet Marketing and Network Marketing opportunities.

Classified Ads do work!  Be sure to track your ads, you will be surprised
and pleased at your traffic and conversions.

My Story:

I suggest that you begin with manual submission and switch to an automated ad submitter

You will soon discover as I did that manual submission is slow, boring and tedious. 
The good news is that it still gets results. 

In my case, I switched to an ad submitter almost immediately.   I then tried several submitters
before I found becanada.  I am not affiliated with the becanada ad submitter.  I am
sharing my story because I feel that it will be of help you.

An ad submitter increases your speed dramatically.  This allows you to do much
much more in less time.  Based on my experience, free and cheap submitters do not
do the job. 

I can do more in an hour or two (and so can you) with a good ad submitter, than I could do
manually in perhaps 200 to 400 hours!

What you need and want from your ad submitter:

ad submitter

Notice Above:  Software is updated daily.  Ad sites change, so updating needs to be included
in your purchase or your software becomes obsolete.

You want to have storage for a number of ads.  The image above shows Ad Forms which is
where your ads are stored.  This submitter holds 15 ads at a time.

Quick References help beginners (and remind old dogs -grin) with each and every feature, so if
you are stuck or not sure about a certain step, you can find what you are looking for quickly.
Cheap and free are harder to operate and much harder to find help quickly, so look for a
submitter with built in and easy to access tutorials or help.
You want to be able to submit more than one ad a time.  Multi submit allows you to send
more than one ad at a time.

ad submitter

Select Categories:

With most ad submitters (with all ad submitters that I have used), you need to choose
your categories.  Simple drop downs as you see above make it fast and easy, manually
selecting categories gets back to tedium and slows your submissions.

I just realized that I need to add Internet Services.  The fact is that I can select and change
categories with ease since you and I may need to switch categories based on what we are

ad submitter

Add Your Own Classified Ad Sites:

The above is what you will see when you hit select sites on the left.  You need the
ability to add your own classified ad sites in addition to the ones that are already installed.
The Personal Module enables you and I to add more classified ad sites. 

With CTB, for example, you might be targeting certain countries or cities in different parts
of the world.  It is no problem when adding sites is a built in feature. 

ad submitter

A Large Number of Installed Sites:

Sending to 200+ sites is certainly better than one at a time with manual submission.  Above,
Section 3.1 is the bulk of the classified ad sites that are already installed, but there are 8
more sections in the Installed Module plus any other sites that you have put into the
Personal Module.  

GO! Button!

Once you or I click the Go! button, your ad submitter will send out one or more ads to
100's or 1,000's of classified ad sites.    The traffic potential has skyrocketed and so do
the conversions! 


Between YOU and ME:  My intent is to help you and not bore you or put you to sleep. 
I purposely included the part about working for 40 minutes daily and then 10 minutes
daily after a month...because I believe that many newbies may think that somehow this
kind of minimal effort works...and although it does to a small degree, I have led you

(only so that you can lead others)

to an hour a day, then two or three hours and then to an ad submitter which is
the best way to make this kind of strategy work.  Use what you need for yourself and
for sharing with others. 

As far as the content above regarding duplication and residual income, if you are offering
opportunities that provide these income options, you are welcome to take what you need
for yourself and for sharing with others.

Allow me to remind you to change the wording to keep Google and the other search engines
happy (to avoid duplicate content).

Thank you for reading, my friends.  I wish you much success and many referrals.

PS.  I want to reiterate that I am not associated with becanada, I simply use and like
their Power Submitter (which is what they call their automated classified ad submitter).
For a free online trial, they offer a demo version:

PPS.  I use a spreadsheet to keep track of what ads I send, when I send them, and
where which relates to which of the 11 module I used.

thumb up

Money Joke  Enjoy!

NEW Boss!

Brad just got hired as the new boss.  His mission was to make the company more money
and he was going to start with productivity. 
If an employee was slacking off, Brad was not going to tolerate it. 

Right away Brad sees a guy just standing around.  The guy is doing absolutely nothing.  Brad
abruptly walks up to the guy and asks him what he is doing, just standing around. 

"I am waiting to get paid."

Brad is thinking that this wiseguy needs to be made an example. 
"How much do you  make a week?" he asks. 

"About $400."

Brad gives the guy $1600.  "Here's $1600, now leave and do not come back."

The guy takes the money and leaves.

Brad needs to know who he just fired so he can tell Personnel.

"What is that guy's name?"  he asks the employees.

The response is "I don't know." from a half dozen employees.

"Surely someone knows his name."   says Brad.

Apparently no one knew his name, all Brad could determine was that the guy
who just left  was the "pizza guy"!

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