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Amazing Health Recovery
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About 3 months ago my wife Jenny and I started using Extreme X20, a little mineral tea bag that we put in our drinking water. The hope when we started was that it would help with our health conditions. As I have mentioned before Jenny had Polio when she was 6 months old and for the past several years has suffered from Post Polio Syndrome which is basically a return of the disease but it now slowly shuts down all vital organs resulting in death. She had become very weak and we had almost lost her a couple times. Her doctors orders were to be a couch potato. Every movement only exacerbates the disease. Her thyroid had completely stopped working and she had diabetes. She had gone to the doctor about 2 months ago and when he found her thyroid starting to work, he was very concerned and told her she needed to stop taking the X20 because he was fearful that her thyroid would become erratic. She told him that she would rather live with an erratic thyroid than go back to the way she felt with her Post Polio Syndrome because she felt better than she had in many years. He advised her to be very careful and come back in 6 weeks for more tests. Yesterday she went back for a check up. He was shocked at her continued improvement and kept the brochure she had taken with her that would help to better explain what X20 does. He completely took her off of one of her Diabetes meds (glipizide) and left her at a 75% reduction that she had adjusted herself down too for her Metformin with expectation that she will soon be off of it as well. This in and of itself is awesome - but here comes the really cool part - He told her to start an exercise program, preferably swimming. Now remember that the normal treatment for Post Polio Syndrome is ZERO EXERCISE! We went swimming this morning and she did 8 laps plus participated in a one hour water aerobics class. It seems he has changed his mind about the potential danger of the X20 after seeing her results. My goal in life has become to share with as many people as I can what this amazing little tea bag can do for anyone who suffers with any disease. By raising the pH level of our blood to where it belongs every disease will die. THAT IS AWESOME! For any that might be interested in using X20 themselves, follow the link and simply sign up as a member. This will give you wholesale pricing and if you have no desire to build a business that"s OK you do not have to, to get the wholesale pricing. No purchase is necessary above what is needed for your own consumption each month. If you are healthy now think about it as a preventative measure.

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