posted on: 3/3/2012 11:36:45 AM EST
Facebook Timeline and Covers for businesses
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You may have noticed that Facebook is allowing users to experiment with "covers" for there "fan pages".

Some people are, of course, crying foul,l as if they have a say so in what the Facebook organization can and can not do to enhance their bottom line. Rather than cry, or try to fight the change, I love the idea and so should you (business person). First of all, Facebook's massive reach is a great free advertising outlet to your business. But now with the introduction of Fan Page Covers we actually have a larger slice of Facebook's real estate!!! And that my friend is worth it's weight in gold.

With the new covers, a business gets to add a 851x315 massive banner to their front page. This is similar to the cover profile pages introduced a few months back for personal pages. Some do not like the idea of creating a timeline (it's like a family tree, or a visual representation of your businesses history). Back I'm a glass half full type of guy and do like this timeline. This is especially good during today's economic hard times. In the 1980's it was all about flaunting ones wealth. But since so many people are hurting that flaunting of wealth is not very wealth received. Think Mitt Romney and how he is perceived because of they way he flaunts his wealth. But suppose Mr. Romney had a Facebook business (fan) page which had a timeline. Say the timeline showed how he started his company with just a few thousands dollars and a great idea and it became a fortune 500 company. People perception may be different because in the USA we all love a good under dog story.

So the timeline can show how a person with a good idea goes from a grappling to stay afloat to success. I like that, I think it lends to the humanization of some big companies. And I am sure there are some very interesting rags-to-riches stories that will be exposed.

On the other side of the coin, if a person really feels adamant about not using the timeline feature (which is compulsory after March 29, 2012), they can choose not to use Facebook.

The reality of the situation is that business and how people interact with it has changed forever. Hard sales, or the old in your face type selling just does not work in this the digital age. Engagement and interacting with consumers is the new order of the day.

Change is always hard, but with change come progress. All we have to do is look back to where civilization was even 100 years ago and where we are today. Seriously, would you like to go back in time to when we did not have computers, Google or Facebook? I know I wouldn't.

Free advertising (the Facebook policy is clear that no selling, or sales pitch is allowed on the cover image) but there are some very creative ways to get your brand out there without breaking Facebook's rules.

I'd like to know how you feel, please post your comments and lets discuss.


Gilberto Cintron

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Gilberto Cintron   1441 day(s) ago
Optimizing your "fan pages" as you would any website will yield big rewards. Anything you post on Facebook does get ranked. Just as does IBO. So finding ways to automate your "connections" and building your own network of sites and links is the name of the game. This is my Linkedin group "Your Facebook Business Page: Tips & Ideas" check it out.
Gilberto Cintron   1441 day(s) ago
Thanks everyone for the comments. Originally, as we all know, Facebook was just a hangout for college kids. But that was a long time ago. Facebook has over 850+ million users and about 50% of them are online at any given moment. Using Facebook is a smart move, if nothing else, just the volume of it's membership is a huge advantage.
Deborah (Debi) Becker RN   1441 day(s) ago
I have been playing with some of the new FB tools. I have FB linked back to my website. So it is working for me. Also started a fan page. I am liking it. Thank you for sharing this with us, Gilberto. Have a wonderful weekend.
Pete Balasch Jr   1441 day(s) ago
Very good information I am one of the Challanged folks that reall does not know how to use face book effectivly I use it more to build that know like and trust.
Larry `thePCGuy`   1441 day(s) ago
Good points here in this post. Facebook though has never been a "marketers" resource but just an advertising revenue generator for Facebook itself. Playing with their changing rules may help to piggy-back some of the advertising stats; but there's a market for all the tricks and hacks to work around their rules!

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