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How to Get your own Facebook Business Page URL
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Does your Facebook Business Page have a personalized web address?

NO! Why not? If you do not then how can you expect people to find it and share about it with others? The Facebook Business Page URL should appear in all your marketing materials, your company website and your business cards!

And, it is very easy to get your own Facebook url. Here is how.

Once your Page reaches 25 or more Likes you can register your Facebook url. As the admin you simply go to . There you select your name. You should try to keep it simple, short, straightforward and, most important easy to remember. The objective should be to make it easy to find and easy to share. Additionally, you will want it to look, and be effective on your website or business cards. For e.g. for one of my wedsites, Weepo Business Resources, I kept it simple by registering as

Get a url is either closest to your business name or one that best describes your brand or service like for e.g.­bucks

In the case where your business name is long, you should take advantage of all alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0–9) or periods („.“). You can make it easier to read and remember by using capital letters and separating words by periods, or hyphens, for e.g. the Converse All Star shoes can be found under­verseAllStar

Be sure that you choose your Facebook Business Page URL wisely because you will not be able to change it, edit it or transfer it once you have set it up.

Generic words are currently not allowed as Facebook web addresses. This means that you cannot register­iture if your business name is not furniture. However, keep in mind that Facebook does encourage admins to create URL's that identify their business name.

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Thank you.

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