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How to Make a Video That People Want To Watch
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Video marketing is now accepted as by far the best strategy to use if you want to connect and build relationships with an audience quickly. Viewers can connect with your voice, appearance, your own personal traits, and content to build a personal bond with you in a way that no other form of media can do.

Despite this too many people avoid making videos for a number of reasons but mainly because they have a fear of being in front of the camera and a perception that it is too difficult.

So let's look at some quick and simple tips to make a video and get started quickly:

Deliver Great Content
When someone clicks on your video they will have done so because they will be looking for some very specific information. They will not be interested in anything else you have to say regardless of how interesting you think it may be.

Tips: Introduce yourself and get to the point. Be clear of the message or tip you want to get across and deliver it clearly and succinctly. If the viewer leaves feeling that they have learnt the tip they wanted to hear about then it is highly likely they will visit you again.

Check Your Lighting
How many times have you watched a video or seen a photograph where the object is too dark or blinded by sunlight. If the photographer had just taken a little time in thinking of the lighting then those pictures would have been excellent.

Tips: Copy the experts and set up a three-point lighting system. Place two lights either side of you at head height and one behind you. This will help to eliminate any shadows from your face and provide a clear and bright image. You can buy lights quite cheaply but if you can't afford any then use a bright room or get outside and use natural light.

Avoid shooting with a window behind you as this will make you look dark. Also avoid using a light source directly above your head. This creates too many unsightly shadows on your face.

Get used to looking at your face and the effects of your light source before starting the video. Stand where you want to take the image from and take a still image. Review it and then move around into different positions and see how the light can change on your face and cause different shadows. This way you will get used to selecting the best location and light source.

How to Make a Video with Good Clear Audio
Again how many times have you watched a video when the wind is blowing hard or there is lots of traffic in the background so you can't hear what the person if saying. It is very annoying to watch and you quickly turn off.

Tips: Before filming take a moment to review your surroundings. Can you hear cars driving past, a television or radio on, people talking loudly or any other everyday noises you don't normally notice. Remember the microphone on your camera is very sensitive and whatever noise your hear will be amplified on film. Consider buying yourself a lapel mic that is positioned closed to your mouth to help eliminate background noise.

Be Yourself
The biggest challenge everyone has when shooting their first video is being relaxed and coming across naturally. Videos are the best medium to connect with people and to build trust with the viewer so you need to come across naturally. People like to feel they are watching a friend on camera so imagine talking to your best friend and how you would talk to them. Don't try to be too corporate or business like as this immediately builds a barrier and people think they are being sold to. Remember 'people buy from people'.

Just do it! Learn how to make a video!
The only way to become confident and deliver good quality videos is to start making them. Like any skill you have learnt you gained confidence through practice. Everybody's first video is embarrassing but the people who become good are the ones who learn and keep making them.

Learn to make videos for youtube and very soon you will find it hard to get yourself off camera so get out there and learn how to make a video!!

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Victor Nicholas   1387 day(s) ago
Great value in this content Giuseppe. Thanks for sharing.
Ron Kaiser   1387 day(s) ago
Great content Giuseppe, thanks for sharing this with us. Much success!
Robyn Pelzer   1387 day(s) ago
Awesome Blog Giuseppe, very informative. thanks for sharing. Continued Success.
Barbara Blevins   1387 day(s) ago
Interesting post Giuseppe, and as this is my weak area, I always appreciate tips ! Thanks

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