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Ray Higdon's Pro Blog Academy
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I have been extremely fortunate to have got hold of a copy of Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy course during the pre-launch stage and I have to say that I am so pleased I did.

A blog is the hub of any online business in promoting its activities, sharing valuable content and information and directing traffic to the offers available. Done well and it is a hugely valuable resource. Done badly and it simply is a waste of time and resources.

What the Pro Blog Academy teaches is that blogging is a very simple process that can take a very small amount of time each day, yet be extremely effective.

So what will you learn in Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy?

Pro Blog Academy – Module 1: Creating Your Online Income Machine
We all need a solid and highly effective blog with which we can attract traffic and customers, and then get them to stay on our site. This is far easier than most of us make it and Ray will reveal:

The Biggest Obstacles to effective blogging and how to overcome them.
‘The Prospect Target Matrix’ and how to use it to identify your perfect customer.
Top 10 Wordpress Plugins.
Building your ‘Persuasion Shell’ to increase your visitor interaction and encourage them to share your content.
How to create Profits with your blog.

Pro Blog Academy – Module 2: Becoming a Content Creation Machine (no creativity required).
This is probably the one topic that everyone will say is their biggest challenge. Well no more! Ray Higdon will share his simple techniques for never running out of topics and subjects to write regardless of your niche area. In fact they are so simple you may find yourself writing more than one article or blog post on same days!! If this something that will be hugely valuable to you? Do you think your friends or team members would benefit from this? If so do me a favour and share the post at the top of the page!

Pro Blog Academy - Module 3: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic
Highly targeted traffic (and lots of it) is what everyone is searching for. The nicest looking blog is no use without TRAFFIC. In this module Ray Higdon will share with you:

The best sites to share your blog posts for maximum visibility.
How to get other people to share your content using syndication.
How to communicate to your list and share your posts. How often and even the best time of day!
How to get even more interaction on your site.

Pro Blog Academy – Module 4: Converting Your Traffic
You may have done all the hard work by attracting customers and visitors to your blog site but the final goal is to turn them into paying customers. Not only that you want your conversation ratio to be as high as possible.

Ray Higdon has mastered this over a number of years and he is highly respected by his peers in this skill. He will now share a number of key tactics he uses on a daily basis to convert his traffic and once again they are remarkably simple.

Like most of you, I have bought lots of training products and many of which I regret completely. However, I have to say that Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy is right up there with the very best. He addresses they key issues we all have with blogging and he shares solutions in a very easy and simple format that can be implemented right away. He understands the needs of the people who want this product and solves the problems for everyone.

I have actually watched each module three times each already and I learn more each time!

If you want a copy of Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy then CLICK HERE!

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Marty Misner   1385 day(s) ago
Sounds like a great course Giuseppe, thanks for sharing! Go IBO!!

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