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Whats is Your Personal Technology? W=PXT
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W=PXT doesnt only apply to nations. This also applies to you as individual entrepreneurs.Your own person wealth equals your personal resources (P) times your Technology(T) lets do a quick inventory and find out what those two factors.Back in the past we would have said that the P would have been how miuch land you had, or perhaps how many head of cattle or how much gold. Today a more reveleant measure of P is the people you know.

No matter what your career or what occupations you've had over the years you have developed relationships with a certain number of people. These are people whose trust you've earned people who if you contracted them, would return your your call. The business you know from your first- hand experience are also a part of your personal resources.If you worked in accounting or Health care or in graphic design, your reservoir of knowledge in that specific industry is a part of your P.

Your Presonal Technology (T) refers to your skills. In the 70's and 80's the changes in Technology allowed us to increase greatly the value we derived from a gallon of oil. And how advances in farming multiplied our productivity per acre by many times. In th excatly the same way you can apply your own personal techology your skills. to your excisting resources your relationships, knowledge and the available hours in the day. to multiply their productivity. This whay two people can have the same number of hours in the day or a similai knowledge base, yet achieve very different results.

Your Personal technology has three types of skills
basic skills include your ability to read, write, speak,calculate and prcess information.These are technological skiils that everyone needs in virtually any type of job or business. If your limite in those skills in basic skills now may be the time to improve them.
Functional skills which include specialized skills you have learned to date. If you have worked in nursing, or law enforcement or caouseling each of these experiences sets brings with it aq unique skill set.Today relying on mastery of a specific functional skill is business suicide because the area in which your skill lies will have completely tranformed or disappeared in a matter of years.

The third skill in todays market in important for your success in business this is adapting skills .What thsi boils down to i the ability with which you learn new things which is the single most important skill for any person starting a business today. If you come up with a new prioduct or service whats a competitor going to to do/ Come up with a similiar product for your customer.. Whos going to get there faster.? IF a field or market you work in goes through a rapid shift or leap in techonolgy who are people going to turn to so they can understand whats going on and how to work with it? If that person si you then you are tapping int a huge increase in your T, which means a huge increase in you capacity to create wealth.

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