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What You Need To Succeed
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As promised yesterday, here is the follow up email about the training Gary and I went to on Saturday in San Juan Capistrano. We met some fantastic leaders, heard amazing stories, and enjoyed every minute of it! I was truly moved by some of the stories from fellow One24er’s (is that a word??) who have been taking NatraBurst and feeling amazing results! To actually meet these people in person and hear what this company has done for them – is incredible! Just know, you are involved with a company that is changing people’s lives! How cool is that??!!

Here’s what we learned –
There are 4 things you need to know to be successful in One24. Answer these questions to see if you’re on the right path:

Do you BELIEVE in yourself? And believe you are worthy of making the money that is possible in One24?
If you don’t believe in yourself – read some motivational material – “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Science of Getting Rich”, etc – these books can be downloaded for free from In"> In my opinion, EVERYONE is worthy of a better life! Watch the movie – The Secret; available on Netflix via streaming to your computer or TV. Read the little EBook I sent out last week – “5 Steps to a Vibrant Life” (If you need another copy – let me know!)

Do you BELIEVE in the product?
If you don’t believe in the product and what it can do for you or other people, how can you convey to people how good these products are for you?! If you don’t have a testimonial, use someone else’s!! Go to listen to the call recorded on Feb. 16 from Diana and Clayton King. We met Clay on Saturday and were moved to tears from his story. What an inspiration!!

Do you BELIEVE in One24? And understand the compensation plan and what a simple concept it is?
If not, then go back and watch the videos all over again. Join in on the amazing Webinars that are available to everyone – at no cost! (For webinar schedules see the One24 Friends schedule on ); Join the We Are One24 Facebook group page and ask questions. This is the best place to get 24/7 support! Remember, your goal is to bring in ONE person every month and show them how to do the same.

Do you BELIEVE in this business?
What I mean by that is Network Marketing. One24 is NOT an MLM, but it is a form of Network marketing. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that! Understand how network marketing builds YOUR business. The best book I have read in regards to this is Robert Kiyosaki’s “The Business of the 21stCentury”. (If you need a copy let me know.) I’ll write more about that book and this subject later…. It has to do with the 4 quadrants of how people generate their income or money – what side of the quadrant are you on? What side do you want to be on?

Once you BELIEVE in these 4 areas – then you WILL BE successful in One24 and YOUR business will be where YOU want it to be! I am so thankful this company was introduced to me a year ago. I love this company and am here to help every single one of you on your road to success!! Please feel free to reach out to me if you need help with anything!

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12/21/2011  Take Responsibility For YOUR Own Success
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12/19/2011  Network Marketing Tips Are A Hot Commodity!!
12/18/2011  Tips for Instant Branding Success
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12/16/2011  Tips to Help You Succeed with Your Business
12/15/2011  Five Daily Habits of Network Marketing Leaders
12/14/2011  Wall St. Finally Figures It Out!!
12/14/2011  This is about to EXPLODE!!
12/13/2011  Introducing NatraBoost-the Newest Product from One24
12/13/2011  The Sweepstakes is REAL!!
12/12/2011  PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS!!!!
12/12/2011  This is a NO BRAINER!! FREE ENTRY NOW!!
12/11/2011  This is a NO BRAINER!!!!
12/9/2011  And the Winner is........
12/9/2011  All I CAN SAY IS WOW!!!!
12/6/2011  Welcome VIRAL PRINT!
12/6/2011  Lets Get To The Facts!
12/5/2011  YOU CAN DO THIS!
12/5/2011  An Extra Ordinary Pre Launch Opportunity for YOU!
12/3/2011  Who Is Viral Print?
12/3/2011  One24---Th?is is the IRP and a Chance to win $25,000
12/2/2011  Co-Master Distrivutor Positions Available!
12/1/2011  Seeking CO-Master Distributors
12/1/2011  5 Tips to Network Marketing
11/30/2011  Take Charge, Take Action
11/30/2011  The BEST Compensation YOU Have EVER Seen!!
11/28/2011  Silver and Gold With One24
11/28/2011  Resveratrol is just one of the AWESOME Ingredients in Natraburst.
11/27/2011  It’s Not Jack Bauer Were Talking About In MLM
11/27/2011  Please DO NOT Click HERE! Classified Info!
11/22/2011  One24 Sweepstakes Give Away!!!
11/22/2011  5 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Do Each Day
11/21/2011   The One24 Evaluation ~ The Secret Behind Producing Targeted Sale
11/21/2011  This is why we do this! One24 For Life!
11/16/2011  What is Zeolite, and why are people clamoring to find liquid Zeol
11/11/2011  Natraboost Avoids 5 Hour Energy Side Effects
11/11/2011  One24 Sweepstakes Changes The Home Business Game
11/10/2011  There is Absolutely NO Reason NOT to be in One24!
11/9/2011  One24 No Such Thing Sweepstakes FAQ
11/9/2011  Online and Offline Marketing Strategies
11/7/2011  The Eye of the Turtle Works!
11/7/2011  Do you lead with the opportunity?
11/3/2011  General FAQs : One24
11/2/2011  This will stop and make you think!
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10/28/2011  8 Tips for Starting in Network Marketing
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3/23/2011  One24 is a very real way to build a monthly income. The company i
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3/10/2011  Making Money Online Is As Easy As 1.2.4
3/9/2011  Can You Wait 30 Days For Your $100,000 Opportunity
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3/8/2011  One24 is a very real way to build a monthly income. The company i
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3/5/2011  Retire with ONE24 – It’s so easy a Caveman can do it
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3/4/2011  One24 is a very real way to build a monthly income. The company i
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