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"Free Radicals may be the link to many diseases Part 2"
free radicals

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In a healthy individual the body's normal detoxification systems, expecially the liver, are generally able to eliminate toxins and theeby prevent illness. But these systems can be overwhelmed by a multiplicity of toxins and become funtionally incompetent to complete the neccessary detoxification. A blocked detoxificationsystem might involve a clogged lymphatic drainage system in which thickened lymph accumulates in the lymph nodes without being emptied into the blood for removal from the body.

It may also involve chronic intestinal constipation and liver enzyme dysfunction. to prevent cancer the liver's detoxificationsstem needs to be working optimally. When it is not functioning well, it is unable to process and eliminate the multiplicity of carcinogens entering the body, leaving us more susceptible to cancer. High levels of exposure to carcinogens coupled with sluggish detoxification enzymes significantly increase our susceptibility to cancer.

Each of us has different "toxic tolerance" levels. Listen to our body when it starts giving us those "cellular phone calls". If we can keep thelevels of toxins in our system low our body can usally adapt and rid itself of them.

Signs that we might have reached our toxic tolerance level include:

- Frequent, unexplained headaches, back or joint problems, arthritis;

- Chronic respiratiory problems, sinus problems asthma;

- Abnormal body odor, bad breath, coated tongue (thrush),

- Chronic stress from and unhealthy work environment or home life;

- Environmental sensitivities, especially to odors;

- Food allergies, poor digestion or constipation with intestinal bloating or gas;

- Unusually poor memory, chronic insomnia, depression, irritability, chronic fatigue;

- Brittle nails and hair, psoriasis, adult acne, unexplainned wieght gain over 10 pounds

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