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Let Me Tell You About 7MinuteWorkout!!
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I posted this earlier this month on Facebook, I felt it was worthy of sharing with my new IBO friends!

This program is sweet!! Ground-breaking! What is it? 7 Minute Workout; and it is running over the Exercise and Weight loss industry! I have personally been using this program and have found that it is amazing and sustainable. I always hated exercising; trying to get to a gym, running in place on a treadmill for hours, or trying to fit sit-ups and more into my daily regimen. It was always a disaster and after a while I always quit! Always!! Why is 7 Minute Workout so special and exciting? You exercise 7 minutes a day and for only 3 days a week and although unusual, it really, really works! Ok so I’m a little excited about it, but let me explain.

The 7MinuteWorkout system for exercise and weight loss was developed and founded by Joel Therien and co-founder Chris Reid. They grew up together and trained for tae kwon do and later body building together; motivating each other. During this young age they began to notice that there were some they observed while training were having trouble staying on course. They began reading exercise magazines and fitness books to learn how to help themselves and others.

Through extensive study and research Joel and Chris found a problem with over training and there was way too much stress placed on a person’s body that offered minimal results for the time taken. Joel developed a program that he and Chris embraced finding that reducing their workouts to 10 minutes or less every other day granted far better results and the results were noticeable right away!

Each have continued to use this program for the past 20 years throughout their athletic careers; Joel as a competing Body Builder and Chris as an award winner in Tae Kwon Do. I know you’re shaking your head…it is very difficult to dispel the many fitness myths we have followed for most of our lives, but believe me 7 Minute Workout really works.

The program works by using your on body’s chemical response to the stimulation of the exercises. All the workouts are created so as not to bring negative emotions into your training. This is great especially for those who have had to struggle to keep up with their workouts. As you steadily progress with your workout you will only change the intensity not the time taken to train. It will never be longer than 7 minutes. Exercises are created for both home and gym so the only change in your present workout is you now work 7 minutes 3 times per week. Can’t be beat! 7 Minute Workout is sustainable for life no matter the age!

Many times fitness experts; in fact the entire exercise and weight loss industry has made it seem that YOU are the failing point of your inability to reach your fitness goals. “You’re just not working hard enough! Long enough!” We have all heard it before. This is so not true and as you begin to do the workouts and feel good about yourself you will realize the myths are incorrect. These same myths are the bottom line reason for the epidemic of obesity. The fitness industry has failed you; the 7 Minute Workout will not!

by Adrienne Saunders © October 2011

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Fay Young   1447 day(s) ago
I want to say, that this is a wonderful post. I like what you have shared. YOU are definitly going to be very successful BY the way you blog. FROM now on, I will be going out of my way to see more of your inciteful information. See you on the beaches, from F. YOUNG

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