posted on: 9/18/2011 11:06:21 PM EST
911 Prescription Discount Card - It's FREE
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This is a very simple, FREE Plan, that will help everyone who does NOT have INSURANCE, or ADEQUATE Coverage!!

If you do have insurance, ask your pharmacist which card will save you the most money. If it's the insurance card, you should use it. Conversely, If it's the 9-1-1 Card, you should use it.

This is not multi-level. The $1 commission per script is paid in full to you up front, instead of a little here and a little there. The goal is to HELP a Lot of People while PROMOTING your 911 Gas Card Business!!


An NPO, Church or Group joins your 911 Gas Card Business and they register for the RX Card. They distribute the Rx Cards with their 911 website on the reverse. They collect the $1.00 commission while promoting their 911 Gas Card Business simultaneously. They cycle, and you collect a 100% Matching Bonus every time they cycle... Everybody wins!!

If an NPO Doesn't Want to Join Your 911 gas Card Business, they can Register FREE for the RX Card and INSERT your 911 Gas Card Address and Contact Information on the Reverse side of the card. They Distribute the cards, Collect the $1.00 Commission, and ADVERTISE Your Business to Thousands of people you would otherwise NEVER reach. Free Advertising for you... Everybody wins!!

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