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Corporate Address
8812 Grow Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32514
Corporate Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM CST.
Corporate Phone & Email:
Phone: (850) 466-2160

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

Our Program is Not a Pyramid for Several Reasons… the Main Reasons Being –

#1 – There’s NO cost to join. The website is optional and there are no fees required to join.

#2 – You are paid no commissions for recruiting anyone… only on sales.

#3 – The $200 a person spends with us is for a Grocery PURCHASE.

"Hopefully this will answer your questions. If not – let us know."

How does MPB Today Make Money?

To Answer Your Question: MPB Today Makes Its Money Through:

· Wholesale to Retail Pricing

· Vendor Discounts

· Manufacturer’s Coupons


* What is MPB Today?

MPB Today is the acronym for My Premier Business. MPB Today is the national marketing affiliate for Southeastern Delivery, a grocery home delivery company located in Pensacola, FL.

* How can I contact the corporate office?

Note: Email Customer Service. See email address ABOVE.


* Where can groceries be shipped?

Presently groceries are shipped for MPB Today customers and affiliates to every state in the contiguous U.S. that has postal & UPS delivery address. We ship ONLY non-perishable dry-goods.

* What is the delivery time once my groceries are ordered?

Orders typically ship within 3 – 5 business days after the order has been received in the home office and all information is complete.

* What if an item ordered is not available?

Your item is deleted from your order and the credited amount will appear in your back-office, which you can use at any time.

* What are the shipping charges on groceries?

The shipping & handling charges are appropriate to the weight of your order and your location, but can average from 20 - 50%. If you order lighter items - your cost is lower than if you order heavy items. Your MPB Today credit cannot be applied to your shipping & handling charges.

As an Incentive to help us build our customer base, if you order after your team sales reach $1200 in volume within the first 2 levels of your team, the shipping & handling is paid by the company -- or -- you have the option in lieu of having the dry-good Items shipped to you, you can elect to have us send you a $200 gift card from the largest national grocery retailer where you can shop unrestricted and get all of your grocery items including meats, milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, etc.

* Can I return merchandise that I have ordered and receive a refund?

You may return any merchandise (training CD, Formula 10, etc.), excluding groceries, to MPB Today for a refund as long as it is returned unopened, within 30 days of receipt, and in its original packaging.

* What is the Risk of losing Money?

You can join for free and become qualified for all commissions by making retail sales… without spending a dime out of pocket.

If you elect to make a $200 qualifying purchase, you get $200 worth of products or groceries. So your only expense would be the shipping and handling for the product/groceries selected. As stated above, we even have a way you can get this paid by the company. Therefore your risk is very minimal.

* What methods of payments are accepted?

Mastercard, Visa, and Discover


* How do I get paid commissions from MPB?

Checks! If you elected to get a $200 gift card instead of having groceries shipped to you - the card will come along with the check.

* When I cycle how do I notify corporate if I want the GIFT Card from the national grocery retailer or want to order groceries?

It's simple… You simply click the option in the Joining process, or you can select/unselect this option in your back-office.


* Do I have to do 2 New Sales for each Matrix?

No. One of the great characteristics of our 2x2 comp plan is the way it works as you move from one matrix to the next. You only need 2 personal sales to qualify for all matrix commissions.

* What happens if my matrix is filled before I have my 2 personal sales?

You cycle, but since you are not qualified to receive commissions, these are banked for 90 days – giving you plenty of time to qualify.


* What can we purchase with the gift card?

Gift cards are issued in lieu of ordering groceries through the MPB Today site. As such, the gift card can be used for retail purchases at WalMart/Sam’s Club. It CANNOT be used to purchase other negotiable instruments such as prepaid Visa cards, restaurant gift cards, money orders, etc.

* Can we use a prepaid or gift card to enroll or make any payments through MPB Today?

NO! Due to the required address verification security feature of our Merchant Services Provider, we cannot accept a prepaid or gift card for enrollment or payment.


* Can I sign up as a Free Affiliate?

Yes. You can sign up as an Affiliate for FREE and become active once you achieve $200 in retail sales. Please note you will have limited access to the Back Office until you have met the $200 in retail sales and you CANNOT Sponsor any affiliates until you are active. You will not appear in your Sponsor’s Matrix until you are active.

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