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My wife Chen had complained of her aching back, a long standing problem with her. She was a diminutive woman of Chinese heritage, who grown up in a conservative and traditional family overseas. She barely weighed a hundred pounds dripping wet, but packed a lot into her petite five foot frame, with perky breasts that tented her shirt without needing a bra for support, a tight narrow waist and surprisingly full hips with a solid ass, unusually round and full for an Asian. Her legs were slender, and she wore her thick black hair long, stretching to the center of her back.

A buddy of mine from high school had suggested getting together to chat about life a decade after we'd last seen each other. He was still in the same small town in Maine, and had mentioned Dave's, a wood fired sauna still run by the same old hippie who had let us bring in beer when we were able to score a six pack or case. We'd passed many an evening sweating and drinking cold brews in the rustic rooms, each outfitted with wooden benches and a stove with a small water tank welded to the back. There was a shower head in the center of the cement rooms, and changing booths before one got to the private sauna room itself. One entered, stripped down and grabbed a thin white towel from the shelf to wrap around oneself for modesty, and then sat on one of two benches set along the far side of the small room.

Mike was still single but I'd married Chen several years earlier, right out of college, and since her back was stiff the sauna seemed like a perfect place to catch up while we were visiting the old home town. The three of us had sauntered in just like the old days for Mike and I, and Chen had rolled with it, looking forward to stretching out her stiff muscles in the dry heat. She had no idea Mike and I had earlier put a devious plan from our youth in motion. We had both used the sauna to loosen up girls in our high school days, but never together. Our small town lacked much to do and the sauna combined a number of otherwise impossible features as a hang out. Dave, the owner, didn't care if we drank, the heat and tradition meant girls would be covered in only a towel, a single barrier to their nubile forms, and the combination had worked wonders for us in the distant past. Today we had decided to revisit those devious high school plots and both have our way with my unsuspecting and still somewhat naïve wife.

Chen loved sex and was built like a dream, with sensitive dark nipples that hardened to small points when she was aroused, and only a lightly furred pussy, with a small thatch of hair above her full mound. Her outer lips swelled thick and flushed dark when she was turned on, and she got hot and wet easily, her tight slit expanding, giving glimpses of her tight pink tunnel. She had only ever been fucked by me, although other guys had taught her how to suck cock well. Her small mouth and rough tongue were off set by her willingness and lack of a gag reflex. She rarely swallowed but I never minded preferring to blow my load her impossibly tight cunt. Her pussy massaged every part of my cock, caressing my shaft on all sides, spasming and tightening when she came, milking my cock of every drop of cum. It was hard to hold on long enough in her passage for her to cum first, and sometimes I would have to pull out and pause to keep from cumming too soon. I could please her though, and my modest six inches was more than enough for her small size. She truly was tiny all over, and my thumbs almost met in the small of her back when I held her waist, my fingers wrapped just above her hips, pulling and pushing her along the length of my cock from behind, her favorite position. 

In spite of her love of sex Chen held to her upbringing and would never have considered a threesome on her own, even with my encouragement. Therefore Mike and I had cooked up a plan. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend and not been laid in weeks, and I had held off satisfying Chen during our travels, leaving all of us horny. Our plot was to each massage Chen, gently loosening her back muscles, morals, and towel alike. Once we had her relaxed and half asleep, dazed in the heat of the sauna, Mike would excuse himself to take a leak in the bathroom down the hall and I'd loosen Chen's slit with a few minutes of stroking, getting her hot and bothered, but not letting her orgasm. When Mike returned we'd finish her massage with a surprise. 

The first part of our plan went off smoothly. We convinced Chen to lie on her stomach, her towel loosely draped around her pale torso. We took turns massaging her, gradually moving her towel lower, until it only covered her ass. We'd placed a towel on the bench beneath her for her comfort, and she was now half asleep, completely relaxed as Mike worked on her legs, running his strong hands up and down, from her narrow calves up to her muscular firm thighs, lingering on her soft round muscles just below her mound. Chen's face was flushed red from the heat and she must have known Mike could almost see her pussy lips, but the relief from our touches, combined with the beer she had drunk before we began kept her from caring. 

Mike's towel kept his own cock tight to his belly, his six-pack abs showing above. We were both still in excellent shape, having each been athletes in school. Mike had played basketball and baseball, continuing the latter in college, while I was an ex wrestler and martial artist. Mike's slightly lankier frame and blond hair contrasted with my stockier and more heavily muscled frame, and my own hair matched my wife's, a glossy black. 

As he leaned forward, pressing his hands in to Chen's back muscles on either side of her spine Mike gave me a nod. Time to test the waters and move on to the second phase. He gently let his hard cock rest between her butt cheeks, letting Chen feel how hard and long his cock was as he moved his fingers along her muscles. Mike towered over her, his legs on either side of her bench, moving gracefully from caressing her neck to rubbing his thumbs into the indentations where her back ended and her full ass began. He adjusted her towel again, sliding it up just enough to reveal her pussy to his gaze. I smiled. So far so good. Chen was sleepy, relaxed, and ready for me to take over.

Mike murmured he'd be right back and left, ostensibly to relieve himself, but really merely waiting in the changing room after banging the outside door open and closed. I got right to work, teasing Chen as I flipped her towel off, running my fingers up and down her pussy lips, which parted easily, letting me stroke her glistening and slick hole. 

"You're wet and ready," I noted. "Did you like how Mike touched you?" 

"Ummm...yes," she murmured. "I think he got turned on. I could feel his cock on my ass some of the time." 

"Did you enjoy it?" I inquired, continuing to caress her pussy, getting it ready to take my cock.

"You know I'm a one man girl," Chen whispered, seemingly hesitant. "I only want...ahh..." she broke off as my own cock slid into her, the head probing, spreading her as I sank fully into her soft warm depths. "He'll be back soon though" she protested.

"You're right," I agree hastily, wanting to leave her turned on, hot and ready, for the next part. "We'll finish this later."

Chen moaned her disappointment, but we heard Mike open and shut the outer door again, and I got off her, covering her ass with the edge of the towel, but leaving it high enough Mike would glimpse her sodden and reddened pussy lips, now slightly parted, her wet interior ready for him. 

Mike entered and, seeing Chen still lying on the bench, her towel askew and her pussy, unbeknown to her, visible, the few hairs covering it no barrier to either his view or his rock hard cock, silently shucked his own towel. My eyes widened as this forbidden fantasy of sharing Chen suddenly became real. Mike's cock wasn't ridiculously huge, but it was noticeably larger and thicker than mine, and his ruby cock head flared broadly above his thick shaft. He gave himself a few strokes, making his cock bulge yet larger, rubbing his copious pre-cum over his cock head so it shone. He smiled at me as he placed his large muscular hands on her hips, drawing them back and upward. 

Chen, finally realizing her towel wasn't covering her exposed pussy, began to protest, her hands moving to rearrange it. I stepped forward from above her head, helping Mike lift her waist, and reassuring her as he used one hand to lower and aim his cock at her opening. 

"This is the final stretch," I told Chen, "It will really loosen you up and let you relax." My words beguiled Chen just long enough for Mike to thrust forward, burying most of his cock in my wife, and then, before she could do more than gasp in surprise and horror at his abrupt entry, Mike slid her forward, his hands firmly gripping her waist, and then back before reversing and pushing yet more of his long cock into her, forcing her wet slit to stretch to accommodate his greater girth. 

"Nooo...oh my God!" Chen gasped loudly, protesting. I whipped off my own towel, my hard cock springing out in her face, revealing my complicity and desire. I muffled her cries, stuffing her open mouth with my cock, my left hand grabbing the back of her head and the right pressing her shoulders down into the towel on the bench. Mike and I are both large guys, almost twice Chen's size and weight, and she was helpless in our grips. 

We both began to spit roast my wife, my cock bobbing in and out of her mouth as Mike sought to get his own cock balls deep in her clenching pussy. We took our time, each savoring the pleasure she was forced to give us. After several long moments we paused to enjoy our victory and gloat. 

"Dude, she is unbelievably tight," Mike grunted, rocking Chen's body back and forth along his considerable length. I laughed, and asked Chen how it felt, pulling out of her mouth so she could speak.

"Please, please make him stop. He's in so deep, he's stretching me out." Chen gasped as Mike continued to saw in and out of her, forcing her to take his cock balls deep, wringing a grunt from her as bottomed out, retreated until her lips expanded into a circle around the edge of cockhead, and then slammed home again and again. 

"Please I'll do anything. Just take it out." Chen pleaded. 

I teased her. "You'll suck it?" I asked. "Really well? With lots of tongue and deep throat?"

Chen, defeated, nodded. "I'll do it. Just stop...ahhh...stop...ohh, God, he's so big! I can't take it any more." She continued to mumbled as Mike abused her passage, relishing every stroke deep into her helpless womb. He made her take it for awhile, finally slowing and holding himself fully embedded in her, his heavy balls dangling below her cunt, slick with her secretions. 

"I'll stop when I cum, " Mike informed her, sliding back and forth in her slick passage. "Your cunt likes my big cock, I can feel it. You're wet and willing." 

"No, I can't help that," Chen protested.

"Beg me, Mike ordered, "beg me to cum in your pussy and I will."

Trembling, Chen gasped, shaking with each of his thrusts, his cock opening depths previously sealed. 

"Ghaaa...okay. Okay, you win," she moaned. "Mike, cum in me. Fill my pussy with your hot cum." 

She looked directly in my eyes as she pleaded with him, accusing me. I laughed and stuck my cock back in her mouth, noticing she was now actively trying to make me cum too, swirling her tongue around my cock, sucking in her checks, letting me into her throat.

Mike met my eyes and I nodded, knowing we had won. Whatever resistance Chen had once had to being fucked by another guy was gone. She would obey our wishes now. We owned her body and soul. We could continue to enjoy Chen for as long as we could hold out. 

I finished first, jamming my cock deep for a final pulse of pleasure as her lips, tongue and throat milked my cock for every drop of an orgasm that left my thighs trembling.

Mike lasted only minutes longer, just enough to bring Chen to a shattering climax. She quivered in horror at her body's betrayal, fighting until her orgasm overwhelmed her defenses, and then collapsing, letting Mike do as he pleased for his final moments. She groaned as she felt him flood her insides with his cum, trembling as he gave a couple of last thrusts to finish emptying his load deep in her. 

Mike finally pulled out and sat down on the bench, hefting a beer and taking a long pull. "On your knees," he ordered my wife.

Chen hesitated and then slowly pushed off the bench and knelt in from of my buddy. I watched, stroking my cock as she lowered her head, opening her mouth and letting Mike fuck her face. He pushed her head down, wrapping both of his hands in her long glossy hair, choking her with his large wilting cock. Chen took it, allowing him into her throat, obediently bobbing her head back and forth as he wished, cleaning him until his limp penis shone.

Chen looked up at us, exhausted. "Okay, I admit it. Both of you can have me whenever you want. I was wrong. Getting fucked like that made me cum harder than I have ever done before." 

She lay down on the bench between us, as satisfied as we
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