posted on: 2/29/2012 10:39:48 AM EST
To Have a Vision
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I am proud to know a Man, who is very wealthy, and has a Vision to help People around the World!

Sometime ago this Man started an Internet business, he decided the products he would create would be free to everyone in the world. He wanted to help people with understanding the programs on their computers, so he developed what he calls the Smart Library, with step by step instruction video's on many programs like Windows, Camtasia, Word Press, FaceBook and much more. Next he realized a lot of people wanted more education, and therefore put together the My University, with over 2000 step by step video's teaching from 5 years old through college. Realizing most everyone enjoys entertainment he added Video Games and Music. Shopping was the next thing on the list, and he put in a Shopping Bargain Finder, so you can find the most inexpensive price in your area, for the item you are looking for. Computers need software, and he added that.

Now with all this in place, he realized many people needed to earn extra money. Calling on his 22 programmers, they put together a business, with a compensation plan that is out of this world. But that is a whole new story.

He also knew he couldn't count on purchasing the assistance of Servers and Processors, so he purchased his own, for his Debt Free Company.

With all this in place, he created the Home Page Pays, which at the moment is only about 10% complete. Everything mentioned above is included in this Home Page, Plus much more like your local weather, Top 10 Sites, and he decided to give the Free Member the chance to win Valuable Weekly and Monthly Prizes, such as Notebooks, Ipods, Cash and much more. And of course this is free with no obligation ever More is going to be added to this like a Chat Room, Email Service, and you will be able to customize the page the way you want it. In the future, you will be able to earn cash in the form of Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impressions, when you give YOUR Link away to other people.

This is really Amazing. And This is why I am proud to know this man. In today's world, very few people try to help people they don't even know.

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Jeffrey Totton   1442 day(s) ago
Love it! keep up the good work... Much success to you.
Annemarie Berukoff   1442 day(s) ago
Excellent blog, Gwen. The true power of network marketing home business is you can leverage the knowledge and expertise of a great man like this willing to help you succeed. I wish you much success with Home Page Pays...a great opportunity!

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