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Pen Promotion - The Smart Way To Expand Your Business
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If you have never used *PENS* to promote your business, you should start using them today.

This strategy has been so successful for me, I have even upgraded my inventory to multi-color (6 colors) and hand them out wherever I go.

Why does this work so well?

When I run into people, I don't ask if they would like a free pen - I ask them "Which color would the like?" This simple question not only switches their brain from a *Yes / No* answer, but when they say a color they prefer - they really are saying *Yes* to a free pen.

But the marketing strategy doesn't stop there...

When they take the free pen, I always mention, "Do you know that pen has a secret?" The secret is what is written on the pen! (I'm talking about my contact info and website: )

As you can see, the real secret to pen distribution is conversation and the basic fact of meeting people and introducing yourself.

Look at this comparison...

If you give a business card to a customer (remember, they don't know you), where will it be in seven days, a month, six months, a year?

If you give the same customer a pen - the pen itself - has a higher value to them (as compared to a business card).

The fact is...

Your pen (and your contact info and message written on it) will be around for a long time and may be passed around until the ink runs out (or longer).

The moral of the story - good writing pens - don't get thrown away.

To learn more, call: Gloria Bryan at National Pen @ 1-888-672-5485 (she will mail you a free pen sample package if you tell her you were referred by David Lundgren at HBN.COM)

If you would like to learn more about me...

Take our Free Tour -

David Lundgren - 805.276.6633 -
Founder, HBN.COM
Leading The Digital Way Since 1991

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