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How An Auto-Launch Video Can Increase Your Online Sales
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TOPIC: "How An Auto-Launch Video Can Increase Your Online Sales"

When talking to business owners, I'm amazed at the number who say they "DO NOT" have a video on their web site.

The #1 reason is... "They don't know how".

My business specializes in helping business owners add "Videos" to their web sites.

Whether it be "Auto-Launch" or "Manual-Launch" the process is the same.

1. Create and Upload (Host) the Video
2. Generate the "Video Linking Code" (Template or No Template)
3. Insert Code onto their web site - post to Internet - their video is now live!

See Auto-Launch Examples:

+ + +


1. Get by your computer - have your video ready - know how to update your website (or get someone who does)
2. Call me @ 805.276.6633 (Ask for David)
3. I will help you complete the process (or teach you how)


1. Your "Auto-Launch Video" will play every time a visitor lands on your web site (like a TV Commercial)
2. Your Video will deliver "your message" (locally and globally) with no bandwidth limitations
3. Your Sales will increase dramatically since your video is personal and directed toward you visitor

Will you take advantage of this "Free Offer" I am offering you?

I hope so.

The success of your business depends on it!


Contact: David Lundgren - 805.276.6633 - Founder,
Talk Fusion "Award Winning" Global Leader -
Email: - Leading The Digital Way Since 1991

As I always say, "It's not how good you are - It's how bad you want it!"


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1. Business Owners are ALWAYS looking for ways to PROMOTE their business
2. Show them how YOU can help them setup a "Video Blogging System"
3. Help them EXPAND their business and REDUCE their marketing expenses.


As you may or may not know, I post all of my current and past BLOG tips online.

See Past Listings Here:

Why do I do this (why should YOU also be doing this?)

1. Each "Blog Post" is automatically sent to a much larger online audience (Blogger, Networked Blogs, Facebook, IBOSocial, IBOBlogs, Homebizblogs)
2. This creates "Back Links" to many different areas of the Internet for wider exposure
3. Which drives more online traffic back to me - so I get more sales and commissions

If you would like me to HELP YOU set up a BLOG SYSTEM - first "Create" your Free.IBO.Account here:

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